Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Holy Crap School's Almost Out

I had a great RT but I slept through much of it because I got my bronchitis crap while I was there. I came home sick and grumpy and tired and whiny. Then I got to feeling better and wham! it's Mother's Day (which should be a day to relax and do nothing but in my family, it's not really) and then wham! end of school parties and tests and turning in all the crap she should've turned in already and then wham! summer associates start work at my firm and then wham! I realize I have every summer week mapped out for Diva except for the week of June 3.

Would anyone like a very intelligent and able bodied 11 year old girl for three or four days? She can do chores and she's an excellent baby sitter.

(Note: Last night she got three academic awards, one of which was for scoring the highest out of all fifth graders (in her school) in the national science competition. She's currently got a low D in science because she still hasn't turned in several assignments. She also got a math award. She's currently got a high C in math because she still hasn't turned in several assignments. She's an awesome test taker. Completing projects, not so great. Can't imagine where she got that.)

Anyway - at least I never have to cook for Mother's Day - Vickie always handles that. I just get to help with dishes and hang out with kids, which is not a bad way to spend a beautiful day. And because I have nothing else of interest to blog about, here are some pictures of our Mother's Day. Hope yours (if you celebrate it) was great, too.

Vickie the Blunt, Monsters Nos. 4 and 6, and glitter tattoos. Lots of glitter.
Lots and lots of glitter. Still rubbing it off Diva.
Nos. 4 and 6 with tattoos.
No. 6 is going through that "I won't smile for your picture
because I'm missing my front teeth" thing.

Probably because when she does smile,
we call her the Vampire Hamster. (Earlier pic, different event.)

The World's Greatest Aunt, after several hours
supervising the waterslide. She's great at
stuff like that. (I prefer to drink wine and take pictures.) 

Monster No. 7's tattoos. Please note that no one
ever taught her to pose that way.

No. 4 with her tattoos. She'd never pose like 7 did. Then
again, 7 likes to sit next to boys, while 4 likes to beat them up.

The World's Greatest Aunt got one big pic of all the kids. My nephews (nos. 2 and 3) weren't able to attend.  No. 7 missed them terribly.

A good chunk of the Nine, plus some visitors.

Somehow I didn't get pictures of No. 8 (who is no. 7's twin) or no. 1, the Diva. And I didn't even try to take pictures of the boys because No. 9 wouldn't be still long enough and No. 5 was running around holding balloons over his crotch and making lewd gestures all day. And he's not in middle school yet.

It was a fun Sunday. I didn't get any words written, but I got more anecdotes for the story I'm writing. There's gonna be a lot of kids in it, an I won't have to make up any of the funny stuff.

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Meg Benjamin said...

Ah, Kinse, you have my sympathies. I too had a brilliant kid who got lousy grades because he couldn't be bothered to turn in his assignments. Wait until you have to explain it to college entrance people.