Monday, March 10, 2014

My vacation

Hola! I was struggling to come up with a blog topic for today, so I decided to take the easy way outand post a bunch of pics from my vacation. Since my husband took them and not I, they are actually good photos.

We spent a week near Puerto Vallarta, doing a lot of relaxing in the sun, lots of eating and drinking and a few fun activities.

Me in the pool swimming to the swim up bar
"Our" beach

 We went whale watching one day -- it wasn't the best whale watching we've ever experienced, but we did see whales and some dolphins in the distance.

Humpback whale

Nice tail shot

 We kayaked and boogie boarded in the ocean -so much fun!

We walked up the beach to the town of Bucerias which is so cute and charming.


We did some shopping, drank margaritas and had dinner at this awesome little restaurant on the beach:

On Valentine's day we had a couples massage here:

Also my husband went out for a walk and came back and showed me this picture. When I said, "Aw! Did you do that?" He said, "No." He just saw it and took a picture of it for me, lol! But still.

The funniest thing that happened was on Friday, when my husband was posting pictures on Facebook, and his brother's wife (they live in Calgary) saw them and messaged him. Turned out THEY were in Puerto Vallarta too! Then we said we were actually in Nuevo Vallarta, and they said that's were they were! Turned out they were staying in a friend's condo about a ten minute walk down the beach. So we went and found them and met up.The next day, which was our last night there, we went back to Bucerias and had another amazing dinner at a restaurant on the beach.It was so fun and unexpected to get together with them, so far from home!

We watched the sun set every night over the ocean, and every night it was different.

Okay, now I want to go back!


PG Forte said...

Oh, this looks so great! I'd want to go back too!

Meg Benjamin said...

Love those whales!

Skylar Kade said...

What a stunning vacation! Thanks for sharing (and making me super jealous :D)