Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pick Your Pleasure: Song and Dance version

Would you rather... have to sing karaoke in a crowded bar or dance in front of a packed theater? free polls 

We've all got the Romantic Times Convention on the brain where, if you haven't heard already, we're bringing back Cover Model Karaoke with the Smutketeers. That, combined with the craziness that is Bourbon Street, got us singing or dancing in public the lesser evil?

Skylar: I would choose dancing (no karaoke here!) and do the cha cha--just bring me a good dance partner!
Erin: Dancing. Hokey pokey! Or the chicken dance. I'm good at the chicken dance.
Kelly: I would totally rather do the Cupid Shuffle in front of a crowd. Lookin' at YOU, Naughty Nine.
Meg: Singing. Maybe "I Still Miss Someone" or "If I Needed You"
PG: Put me down for Kelly's crew. I used to have a voice. Sigh.
Kinsey: Dancing, completely. I'm not a bad dancer but my singing voice is kind of painful to listen to.
Kate: Definitely sing. I can belt out a show tune if you get a glass of wine in me.
I'd dance if it was Saturday Night Fever style. With a hottie in a white suit. And I was on some kind of mind-altering hallucinogen.
Dancing all the way. Would love to be part of a flash mob sometime!

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