Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Quiz: What kind of alcoholic drink are you?

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Few of our readers will be surprised that we like wine--a lot. Really, wine should be our group's spirit animal. 

But for the sake of funsies, we put it to the test to discover what kind of alcoholic drinks we really are through this super scientific and infallible quiz. Take the quiz and in the comments, let us know who you'll be drinking with at RT (well, that would be all of us... but you know what we mean).

"Congratulations, you are red wine! You're an acquired taste that is worth savoring. You're an enigma for many but a treasured companion for the savvy."
PG: Is anyone surprised by this?
Meg: Amazingly enough, this is right on.
Kelly: I agree with this.
Sydney: No surprise here. Red wine for me too.
Kate: Red wine y'all. No wonder we get along so well.

"Congratulations, you are scotch! Frank Sinatra would approve! Single malt or blend, neat or on the rocks. It doesn't matter. Those Scottish people know how to make a good liquor. FREEEEEEEEDOM!"
Erin: Hmmm...I do love Frank Sinatra!
Juniper: Erin, we're alcohol soul-sisters!

"Congratulations, you are rum! Rum! Good choice mon! Come to Jamaica, mon. Irie, irie mon! Sugar is already awesome and then somebody used it to make this! How cool is that. Rum a friend in Coke. They can mix. Drink up, mon!"
Skylar: Right on! If I'm looking for something harder than beer or wine, it's always rum. Dark, spiced rum is even better!
Kinsey: Can't believe I got rum. I hate rum. Haven't touched it since I was 16 and realized Time Saver had all other kinds of alcohol for me to try.

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