Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Too Many Me's

Tonight, I added OneDrive to my home computer, connected it to my cloud storage, and I'm currently waiting for everything to download and sync. I've got works in progress, lots of pictures, a bunch of blog posts I may or may not have already used, videos of soap couples that no longer are airing...the list goes on.

And that's only one account.

I seriously had to stop and think about which OneDrive account I was going to sync with this computer. Should it be my work account? No, that's already synced to my tablet. How about the old work account, the one before we changed servers? No, that one's still out there somewhere, but most of the stuff is duplicated. I think. How about the one I created when I went through that Microsoft training last year? That may be floating around as well...

And that's just OneDrive (formerly known as Skydrive). At last count, I had eight email addresses, give or take, about half of them for my writing self and the other half for my non-writing self. I've got work accounts, personal accounts, at least one rarely-used fandom account, an old account pretty much only used for junk mail. I have two twitter accounts, three YouTube accounts, a MySpace I haven't looked at in two years, four logins to Facebook, I'm getting stressed out just thinking about it.

I didn't set out to scatter my online presence quite so much. In the beginning, there were only two accounts - a work email, and a home email. Then the home email became overrun with junk mail, and I opened another one. Then an account for my pen name, so I'd look more professional when I submitted my writing. And suddenly I turned around and I'd turned into the ultimate multiple online personality.

For the most part, I can keep them separate, though I confuse my husband from time to time. ("Send it to my home email. No, the other one. No, the yahoo. Never mind, send it to the work addy.") But I do worry about the proliferation of me's out there. Maybe I need to cut back, close down a few accounts, consolidate my online presence a little bit.

I'll get to that ... tomorrow. Right now, I'm off to check a half-dozen email accounts before bed. :)

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PG Forte said...

Yes. You've just described my life. :)