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Nine Nights in New Orleans - No One Drinks Alone

No One Drinks Alone
Kelly Jamieson

“Look at those hot chicks.”

Kady Brandon turned and eyed the man who’d just said the words. Yup. He was looking right at her. He winked. She lifted an eyebrow and gave him an up and down look that made him grin.

Friday night on Bourbon Street in New Orleans meant crazy crowds flirty men, people lining the balconies above them tossing shiny beads, loud pumping music from the bars that lined the street, and drinks to go. She and her two best friends sipped on hurricanes, sweet and fruity and laced with rum.

“I think those guys are following us,” she said to Nikki and Megan.

The two girls laughed and shrugged. All three of them held the tiny straw of their drinks between thumb and fingers, and sucked back more of their hurricanes.

 “Yeah, I noticed them before,” Nikki said. “They’re so cute.”

“But this is a girls’ night,” Megan said. “Come on. Let’s keep walking. I want to find that little Voodoo shop.”

“Oh, me too!” Nikki said.

The three began to make their way slowly through the throngs of people. Kady snagged two more necklaces someone tossed from a balcony and draped them around her neck with the others, laughing as she did so. It was just so deliciously tacky and decadent.

Decadent. Yeah.

She paused to watch a man walk by wearing a full pirate costume. Whoa and damn. That was a fine pirate costume, with black boots, white pants and ruffled shirt, and a long red, black and gold jacket. The feather draping off his black hat bobbed as he walked by, and she turned to follow his progress, studying the costume. She’d always had a thing for pirates. Yum.

With a grin, she turned back to her friends, only to discover they’d disappeared. Shit.

She went onto her toes to try to spot them in the crowd, but it was impossible. The neon lights of the bars and shops cast a multi-colored glow into the dark, teeming street, disguising people with different hues and shadows.

“Hey, gorgeous. Drinking alone in New Orleans?”

Kady turned and saw the guy who’d been eyeing her earlier. His smile was wide and white, and faint lines whisked out from the corners of dark eyes. Just the right amount of beard stubble roughened a square jaw. Oh yeah, Nikki was right. He was cute.

“I’m not alone. I’m with friends.”

“Uh-huh. You seem to have lost them.”

She smiled. “Of course I haven’t lost them. I’ll find them.”

“Of course.” He lifted his plastic cup, which appeared to be beer, and drank. “How about I keep you company while we find them?” He nodded at her drink. “No one drinks alone in New Orleans.”

“No one drinks alone? Is that a thing?” Amusement curved her mouth as she pursed her lips around the straw of her fruity drink and sucked.

“Sure.” His gaze dropped to her mouth and she felt a voluptuous kick of lust low down inside her. Heat rushed through her veins and her skin warmed beneath his gaze.

He wore a dark T-shirt over dark jeans. The T-shirt fit the toned muscles of his chest and shoulders spectacularly, and his low-rise jeans outlined lean hips and muscled thighs. His brown hair was a little long and flopped over his forehead in a sexy sweep that emphasized really nice eyes. But it was his smile that pulled her in, open, friendly, but with a promise of wicked fun. As if he knew exactly the kinds of things she liked.

“Come on,” he said. “Let’s walk a bit farther and see if we find them.”

If he’d given off a creeper vibe, she never would have gone with him. But he didn’t. He was sexy and handsome and nicely dressed, and when he set just his fingertips on the small of her back to guide her through the crowd, it was the perfect mix of direction and protection.

People milled around them, couples, groups, everyone talking, laughing, pointing up to the balconies where more people leaned with their drinks.

“They were looking for some Voodoo shop,” she said, going on her toes to speak into his ear so she’d be heard over the music and loud shouts of enjoyment.

“There’s one on the next corner. We can go check it out.” He paused. “Hey, I’m Cam.” He extended a hand.

She studied him. Okay. She could definitely do this. “Kady. Nice to meet you, Cam.” She took his hand to shake it. His grip was warm and firm, his hand large and masculine.

“Likewise.” His flirty smile and wink made her girl parts squeeze hard. Whoa.

He led her through the crowd, and with him at her side she had no fear of getting separated, the way he kept a gentle touch on her back or arm, and the way people moved aside because of his size and presence. They climbed the three stone steps into the small shop, the odor of patchouli incense surrounding them.

Inside the tiny store, it was easy to see that Nikki and Megan weren’t there.

“Huh,” she said. “I wonder where they went.”

“This is a cool place,” he said, picking up a small red pouch. He read the label. “‘A powerful magickal talisman for drawing love to you.’”

Kady smirked. “Looking for love, are you?”

He met her eyes. “Maybe.”

She shivered.

The young man behind the counter spoke up. “That’s a very potent combination of ingredients,” he said seriously. “Excellent for seduction.”

More heat centered low in Kady’s body and she pressed her lips together and glanced at the thin, sandy-haired kid.

“Gris Gris bags must always have an odd number of items,” he continued. “The bag comes with an even number and you add your own personal item. You also get a bottle of love potion to dress the charm.”

“What kind of personal item?” Cam asked.

The guy shrugged a narrow shoulder. “A hair, nail clipping, a photo.”

Cam nodded and although his mouth was set in a solemn line, Kady hid a smile at the laughter lurking in his eyes. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a bunch of bills, peeling off a couple to pay for the Gris Gris.

“Give me one of your hairs,” Cam said, once they were standing outside the shop.

“No way!”

Smiling, he moved closer to her, close enough that she could smell his aftershave, something clean and faintly citrusy. “Do you believe in magick?” he murmured.

She licked her bottom lip. Maybe. “No.”

“Then give me a hair. What will it hurt?”

This was crazy. Voodoo magick and love potions.

Read below.

 Rolling her eyes, she tugged one hair from her scalp and handed it to him. He carefully put it into the bag and drew it closed, then tucked it into his back pocket. “There. Let’s walk on,” he suggested.

They paused again outside a club where two beautiful girls wearing tiny glittering bikinis tried to entice customers inside. “They’re gorgeous,” Kady murmured.

“Not as gorgeous as you.”

“Oh, please.” She rolled her eyes.

“Hey, you are gorgeous.”

“Not like that.” Those girls, probably exotic dancers, had perfect bodies, smooth skin and sexy glamour oozing out of every pore.

“Come on in,” one girl called to them. “Ladies are welcome too.”

Kady met Cam’s twinkling eyes. “Let’s go,” he said with a jerk of his head.

“I can’t go in there!” She laid a hand on her chest.

“Why not? You’re with me. You’re safe.”

“I don’t even know you!”

“Oh, come on. You know you’re curious. I can tell.”

She was curious about what went on in the gentlemen’s club, as it was called, still tingling inside from the erotic way Cam looked at her.

“We’ll have one drink,” Cam said, taking her hand. His grip felt protective rather than coercive, and curiosity and her adventurous streak won out. She followed him inside, letting the darkness and the thumping music swallow them up.

They were shown to two seats next to the stage where they ordered drinks from a scantily clad waitress. On stage, strobe lights flashed and one girl worked a pole with impressive muscle control, while on the right two girls moved to the music that Kady felt inside her like another heartbeat. Their sleek bodies gleamed, one with smooth chocolate-colored skin, the other creamy pale, their only attire a G-string. Kady found herself mesmerized by their grace and rhythm. Then the girls moved together and rubbed against each other.

Kady glanced at Cam, who also watched with rapt attention.

“You like to watch two girls together?” she asked in his ear.

He slanted her an amused glance. “What guy doesn’t?”

She turned her attention back to the girls. The girl with long blonde hair touched the other girl’s face and drew her fingertips down over her jaw, throat and chest. Kady’s pussy clenched and she glanced again at Cam beside her.

Then the two dancers were holding each other’s hips and rolling their bodies together in a sensuous slide, staring into each other’s eyes.

“That’s hot,” Cam said.

Kady couldn’t disagree. She licked her lips.

When the girls danced off the stage to approach patrons for lap dances, Kady’s breath stuck in her throat. And then Cam held up a folded bill to get one dancer’s attention. The blonde shimmied over with a shiny pink smile, shaking her hair down her back. She plucked the bill from his hand as Kady’s eyes went wide. Was he really going to do it?

But Cam shook his head, eyes gleaming, a small smile tipping the corners of his mouth. “It’s for her,” he said, gesturing to Kady.

Kady’s heart kicked against her ribs as she stared at the nearly naked woman only inches away from her.

The dancer’s smile widened and she began to move in front of Kady, slow and sexy.

 “You’re crazy,” she breathed to Cam but he sat there in his chair, transfixed, watching with smoldering fascination.

The woman bent and cupped Kady’s face with gentle hands, their faces close enough to kiss. Her smiling mouth hovered close, then she spun away and danced around the chair. Kady watched her hips move, envious of the dancer’s smooth swaying. When she returned to face Kady, she straddled the chair and lowered herself to Kady’s thighs, hips rolling in a back and forth movement that helplessly aroused Kady. Breathless, every nerve ending sensitized, Kady watched the dancer, her naked breasts almost in her face. Kady swallowed hard. Holy hotness. The woman’s body rubbed against her, not really that close to Kady’s pussy, but even so, it made her ache and pulse there.

And when she glanced at Cam, the way his face reflected her own flaming arousal made it even hotter. She was turning him on.

And then it was done. The music shifted into something faster and more aggressive and the dancers disappeared, to be replaced by others wearing tiny sequined bikinis.

“Okay, let’s go,” Kady said, a little dazed and breathless.

Outside in the warm, dark humidity, she sucked in a long breath. Her body pulsed with arousal and the lingering beat of the club music. She squeezed her thighs together against the ache there, then met Cam’s knowing smile. Holy hell, he was sexy, with that grin that hinted of depravity and eyes that smoldered with lust. She couldn’t believe he’d done that.

They made their way around a metal barricade at a cross street and paused on the corner. She took another breath and looked down the dark, narrow side street, old-fashioned street lamps gleaming off cobblestone sidewalks. “It’s so pretty.”

“Yeah. Come on, you look like you need another drink. There’s a little place down’ll be quieter.”

“And once again I’m letting a complete stranger lead me down a dark street.”

“There are other people around. You’re safe with me.”

Sure. She was all kinds of crazy. But it was New Orleans! Bourbon Street! It was an adventure.

She followed him into another dark bar, this one tiny and cozy, with a small bar and a few stools and about eight tables. Instead of pulsing dance music, cool jazz drifted on the air. Cam continued right through the bar and pushed another door open, stepping out onto a small patio.

Kady gazed around. Candles in hurricane lamps flickered on wrought iron tables. Even in the dark, she could see the lush vines growing up the side of the old brick building and over a fence, with pots and baskets of flowers and ferns everywhere. The warm night closed around them again.

The wrought iron chairs scraped over old brick as Cam pulled a chair out for her and she sat, setting her small purse on the table. “This is lovely.”

“Yeah. I like this place. Little change of pace.”

“No kidding.”

The waiter approached. “Another hurricane?” Cam asked her.

She shook her head. “I think I’ve had my fill of those. They’re awfully sweet.”

“Let’s try Bourbon,” he proposed. “Since we’re on Bourbon Street.”

“Well, technically we’re not.”

He grinned. “Smart ass.”

They shared a smile as the waiter patiently waited for their order.

“What would you recommend?” Cam asked him.

“I’d recommend Maker’s Mark. It’s a softer whisky, subtle yet complex, with delicate vanilla and spice notes.”

Kady met Cam’s eyes and caught the gleam of fun there. “Sounds good.”

The waiter nodded and disappeared back inside, leaving them alone on the patio.

“So Kady. What do you do for a living?”

“I’m a kindergarten teacher.”

Cam coughed. “Really. And where’re you from?”


His eyebrows flew up into his long bangs. “Whoa. You’ve come quite a ways then.”

She grinned. “I sure have. How about you?”

“I’m an accountant. From Fargo, North Dakota.”

“Fargo!” She couldn’t help but laugh. “Well, you’ve come pretty far too.”

“I guess so.”

Her body still buzzed with heat and arousal and when their eyes met, she shivered.

Their drinks arrived and they sipped them as they talked about eating beignets at Café du Monde and alligator boudin on Royal Street. More heat spread through Kady’s body as she sipped her Bourbon. She probably should have ordered something colder. Something with ice. A lot of ice.

When their small glasses were empty, Cam reached for his wallet. Kady immediately picked up her purse.

“No, no.” He waved a hand. “I’m buying.”

“No one drinks alone,” she murmured. “Doesn’t mean you have to buy me drinks. And you bought the last round.”

His smile made her pulse flutter.

“I’m buying,” he said firmly. He left some bills on the table and once more guided her out to the street. “Where to now?”

Kady’s cell phone buzzed in her purse. She pulled it out and peered at it. “It’s a text from my friends,” she said slowly. “Wanting to know where I am.”

Their eyes met. He lifted one eyebrow. “Tell them you’re fine,” he murmured.

She studied his face, the humor and attraction gleaming in his eyes, the way he watched her with hot awareness. Tension hummed between them, the warm night air almost crackling with sexual exigency. She swiped her tongue over her bottom lip, and those eyes got even darker. “Okay.”


Cam began to walk slowly along the sidewalk, leading Kady away from Bourbon Street as she thumbed a message into her phone. The noise of the huge block party faded away behind them as they approached a park. He watched her profile — her small nose, full lips, and long eyelashes that fluttered as she concentrated on her phone. A street lamp highlighted the curve of her cheek, a high cheekbone and smooth skin. Damn. She was just as gorgeous as any of those dancers ― more so, in fact.

A kindergarten teacher. Getting a lap dance. A laugh bubbled up inside him and he swallowed it. The bourbon spread warmth through him, and his dick was still half hard. Watching those two dancers together had been hot, but watching Kady with the blonde had had his dick lengthening and thickening against his thigh, making him shift in his chair. Then watching Kady across that small table on the intimate little patio as she sipped her bourbon and talked and laughed had not helped his state of arousal. She was sexy as fuck.

They paused on the next corner, two quiet, narrow streets intersecting. Darkness shrouded them. Another couple passed by on the sidewalk opposite them, and farther up the street a few other people walked. Palm trees swayed and rustled in the soft night breeze, and the faint strains of a saxophone wafted up the street. She slipped her phone back into her purse and looked up at him. She wasn’t tall ― the top of her head came to his chin ― but her legs were long in proportion to her body. The light wind ruffled her chin-length dark hair, and her lips shone. So pretty. Her body was pretty too, just the right amount of curve, with a small waist and full breasts. Like him, she wore a T-shirt and jeans, her shirt white, with little sleeves and a glittery silver logo that said, “French Quarter”. Red, gold, silver and green beads hung around her neck, and between the hem of the shirt and her low rise jeans, a peek of smooth golden skin tempted his hands to touch.

He set his hands on her hips.

“What are you doing?” she said, as they stood there on the dark corner facing each other.

He began to move. “Dancing.”

She blinked. The saxophone was barely audible, wherever it was coming from. But then she smiled, a slow, sexy smile, and lifted her hands to his shoulders. Her touch felt good, her palms warm through his shirt, and she swept them over the cotton once, twice, a third time before settling her hands there. They moved together in a slow dance, eyes fastened on each other, their bodies drawing closer together until their hips touched and her breasts grazed his chest. Her thumbs brushed the skin of his neck just at the collar of his shirt, and his skin prickled all over.

God, she was sweet. His hands slid around her hips to cup her ass, bringing her up against him and her lips parted as she gazed up at him. And then he did what he’d wanted to all evening he bent his head and kissed her.

Their mouths fit together perfectly, opening to each other, and he licked his way inside, tasting the spice and vanilla of the bourbon and the innate sweetness of her, pushing her lips farther apart with a ravenous hunger. She made a soft noise in her throat and her fingers slid over the nape of his neck and up into his hair, her nails scraping over his scalp. Sensation rolled over him, hot and urgent, his cock throbbing against her softness.

He sucked her tongue and she moaned again, tugging his hair.

Sharp need rocketed through him, heat spiraling fast and hot. His fingers dug into her ass and he wrapped his arms around her.

“God,” she gasped when he lifted his mouth. “Oh my god.”

“My hotel’s close to here,” he breathed.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. The Château Orleans.”

“That’s a nice hotel.” She gave him a sexy, assessing look up through her long eyelashes, fingers still playing in his hair. “I guess that means your accountant job pays well.”

He grinned. “Or I’m a drug dealer.”

A peal of laughter escaped her at that.

“So will you come back to my room with me?”

“I shouldn’t be doing this,” she murmured, petting his shoulder again. “Sex with a dangerous...”

“You want to do it.”

Her little tongue came out to drag over that plump bottom lip again, and his dick twitched.

“Yeah,” she admitted. “I do.”

“Then let’s go.”

This time he moved faster, taking big strides, and she hurried to keep up with him as they walked hand in hand. They entered the hotel lobby with its elegant columns and feathery potted palms in front of arched windows, crossed the black and white tile floor and climbed the wide staircase to the second floor.

“Your room is huge,” she said as they entered. He’d left a lamp on beside the bed, illuminating the snowy white duvet cover on the king size bed.

“Big is always better. Right?”

She hopped onto the bed and smirked at him. “That sounds promising.”

“Well, I don’t like to brag.” He sauntered toward her. “But my dick is so big it graduated from college a year ahead of me.”

She dissolved into giggles, falling onto her back on the bed. “Oh. My. God.”

He leaned over her, supporting himself with a hand on either side. “I hope I didn’t just kill the mood.”

She choked on another laugh. “You totally did. It might be hard to get it back.”

“It’s hard all right.” He set his hands on her waist and lifted her up farther onto the bed. She kicked off her flip flops and he couldn’t resist picking up one small foot, circling her bare ankle where her jeans were rolled up. He kissed the top of her foot. He wanted to drag his tongue over her body, tasting her everywhere. He slid his mouth to the inside of her ankle, opened it over the soft spot beneath her ankle bone and gently sucked.

He peered up at her face, where her eyes had gone hazy and her smile had softened.

“That’s working,” she said breathlessly.

He reached for the button of her jeans, lowered the zipper and then tugged them down over her hips and legs. He studied her smooth limbs and the tiny pink panties, so sheer he could see her patch of dark pubic curls. “Very pretty,” he said, touching the little satin bow. He brushed his fingertips over her lower belly and she quivered.

“Thank you.”

“Sex with a stranger, huh,” he murmured. “You sure, gorgeous?”

She bit her lip. “I know it’s wrong. But yeah, I’m sure. have something, right?”

One corner of his mouth lifted. “Seriously? You’re going to make me use a condom?”

She gave him a long look.

He sighed.

“Don’t be a jackass,” she said.

He went into the bathroom and dug into his shaving kit, thankfully finding one small package at the bottom. While there, he sent a quick text to one of his buddies, which got an immediate reply. Back in the bedroom, he yanked his T-shirt over his head, then kicked off jeans, underwear and leather flip flops.

Her admiring gaze made his cock bob. Christ, he was so hard he hurt. He ran a hand down the length of it, balls tortuously tight. “You look hot like that,” he rasped. “Lying there in that little T-shirt and panties and those beads. You know what that makes me wonder.”


“Did you show your tits to get the beads?”

She fluttered her eyelashes at him. “Keep wondering.”


“Should I take them off? Or leave them on?”

“Off. Definitely off.”

As she sat up and removed the beads from around her neck then pulled off her T-shirt and bra, he rolled the condom onto his aching shaft then climbed onto the bed beside her. She pushed down the panties and dropped them over the side of the bed. He laid a hand on her stomach, then slowly slid it up until it rested between her breasts.

“Just as pretty as I thought,” he whispered, studying the soft curves tipped with tight rosy nipples.

“Touch me,” she begged softly. “Please.”

“Touch you where?”

“Oh god. Everywhere.”

“Your nipples?” He brushed his fingers over one taut peak.

She groaned. “Yes.”

“Your pussy?” He slipped his hand down between her thighs. Moist heat met his palm and he held her there as he lowered his mouth to hers for another kiss. Long. Slow. Sweet.

Their tongues slid against each other, and her pussy pulsed into his palm. Her legs shifted restlessly. “Need you,” she whispered, reaching for him. Her hands gripped his biceps and he flexed them. “Inside me.”

“Just where I want to be.”

He moved over her, kneeing her thighs apart, taking in the pink folds he revealed, so plump and delicate. He licked his lips, fever coursing through his veins, and leaned down to taste a beaded nipple. He pulled it softly, slowly into his mouth. Her body tightened and she sucked in a sharp breath. The sweet nub fit perfectly to his tongue and he sucked at it, tugging it, plumping her breast with his hand. Good Christ, she was gorgeous, perfect, amazing. He moved to the other nipple and did the same, until she writhed beneath him and he lifted up.

“I’m sorry,” he growled. “This is gonna be fast. I’ll make it up to you.”

A sexy smile curved her lips as he went back onto his knees and fisted his cock. “I’ll hold you to that.”

“You can hold me to anything you want.” He slicked the head of his cock through her creamy sex lips. “Preferably your sexy body. Christ, you’re wet.”

“I know. I’m aching for you. Do it. Do me. Please.”

He pushed in, unable to wait another second, tension gathering at the base of his spine already.

He lifted her legs, pushing them up and back, opening her to him. His gaze moved between watching his gleaming cock slide in and out of her pussy and watching her face, the way her cheeks flushed, her lips trembled and her eyelashes fluttered over eyes glittering with need. Her bare breasts quivered with each push into her body, and her whimpers filled his ears. “Good?” he asked hoarsely.

“So good. God.”

He rolled his hips, his cock surging into her and dragging out with sublime friction. They watched each other, a heated connection drawing out between them, unbearably intimate, unspeakably beautiful. His chest ached and he felt full, brimming with emotion. Jesus.

He fell over her, burying his face in the side of her neck, breathing in her scent, flowery and delicate and female. He fisted his hands in her hair as he rocked his body against hers, pumping into her again and again, driving hard and deep. His ass clenched, his thighs quivered and his skin buzzed. Pressure built, sensation gathered. Her pussy tightened around him and then rippled as she came with a long, low wail. Her hands gripped his back and he let himself go with one last drive into her sweet body, ecstasy exploding and blinding him, violent pleasure ripping through him in exquisite, erotic pain. He gasped and held himself inside her as he ejaculated in long, hard pulses.

“Fuck, Kady. Holy fucking hell.”

She mumbled her agreement, hands moving on his sweat-dampened back.

They lay together for a long time, silent other than ragged breathing and the occasional soft sigh that escaped her lips. The ceiling fan above them cooled their overheated bodies.

Eventually, he moved off her and left the bed to get rid of the condom. When he returned she’d rolled to her side and watched him cross the room. He sat on the bed. “You’re going to think this is really crazy,” he murmured, brushing a strand of dark hair off her cheek. “But I think we should get married.”

Her mouth fell open. “Married.”

“Yeah. Tomorrow. Let’s do it.”

“That is crazy.” Then she hopped up onto her knees and bounced on the mattress. “But it’s the best idea!”

He laughed. “All right then.”

“You do know in Louisiana there’s a seventy-two hour waiting period between getting the marriage license and getting married.”

“Yeah.” He grinned. “So it’s a good thing we got the license when we got here two days ago.”

She laughed and crawled onto his lap, flinging her arms around his neck. “That’s for sure. God, Cam, I can’t wait to marry you tomorrow.”

Their mouths met again in a hard, exuberant kiss.

“Where the heck is our wedding party?” she murmured. “Don’t they even care that we disappeared?”

“Jim and Raj found Megan and Nikki. I texted Jim and told him we’re having pre-marital sex.”

A laugh bubbled up her throat. “Cam!”

“What? It’s not like they don’t know we have sex. We’ve been living together for a year.”

“But...they don’t know about acting stuff. Do they?”

 “No. Our little fantasy role playing is just for us, don’t worry.” He kissed her nose. “Jesus, woman I can’t believe you made me wear a condom!”

She giggled and pushed at his shoulder. “It was part of the act.”

“And a kindergarten teacher? From Alaska?”

“What? What’s wrong with Alaska? I mean, Fargo? Come on! You did better last time, when you pretended to be an artist from New York who needed me to pose nude for his painting.”

They kissed again.

“Mmm. That reminds me. I saw a pirate,” she said against his lips. “On Bourbon Street. A sexy pirate.”

“We could get you a sexy wench costume.”

She licked her lips as heat flared low down inside her. “That would be fun.”

“Married to you, things will never get boring,” he murmured. “How did I ever get so lucky to find a girl like you?”

“You just don’t want to drink alone.”

He laughed and smooched her mouth again. “Well, there is that.”

“But seriously, I know what you mean. It’s finding someone who has that...something. That indefinable something that I thought was only inside me. But you have it too.” She threaded her fingers through his hair. “You get me. You like to play and have adventures. I love you, Cam.”

“Love you too, babe. So much. Marry me?”

“Yes, please. Right here in this hotel tomorrow.”

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