Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good News Day

Meg Benjamin's Long Time Gone was released last Tuesday and has its first review with Erotic Horizon.

Meg and Erin Nicholas spent three days at RomCon in Denver, a gathering of romance authors and fans that hope to become a Comic Con for romance readers. We met a constellation of romance stars, including Jo Beverly, Leanne Banks, Elizabeth Boyle, Susan Donovan, Susan Crandall, Elizabeth Hoyt, Celeste Bradley, Julia Quinn, Carly Phillips, Susan Mallery, Hannah Howell, and a host of others whose names escape me right now. Hope more readers can join us next year!


Debra St. John said...

Romance conferences always get me so pumped up to really sink my teeth into a project.

Glad you got to rub elbows with so many fabulous authors!

Erin Nicholas said...

It was so fun!! I'm still recovering!
I have more in my post for Friday!