Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Thirteen - Thirteen Greatest Love Songs You’ve Never Heard Of

I love Americana music, which is big in Texas and a few other places but not exactly a sensation across the nation. One of the things I love about it is its eclectic nature. So, here are some love songs with videos that you’ve probably never heard of but might like to hear.

1. Moment Of Forever. Kris Kristofferson from a great “lost” album of the same name. His voice is pretty much gone, but listen to the words.

2. Lovin’ You Again. Emmylou Harris. A heartbreaking song about a woman who’s about to take her worthless lover back again even though she knows it won’t last and he won’t clean up his act.

3. Goodnight Moon. Jack Ingram. Lovely melancholy road song.

4. Melinda. James McMurtry. Not somebody you’d think of as singing love songs, but a great, rocking anthem with the usual fantastic guitar work

5. Smarter Than the Devil. Trish Murphy. “You’re smarter than the devil, you’re the devil in me.” Yowza!

6. I Never Cared For You. Willie Nelson. Willie’s got lots of love songs, but I wanted one you’d never heard of, so here’s an odd little gem from Teatro. There’s a long intro, that’s actually a separate cut on the album. Emmylou sings backup.

7. Cornbread. Band of Heathens. Okay, your obligatory double entendre song. Believe me you’ll be howling by the end. Plus Band of Heathens has three, (count ‘em, three) hot lead singers.

8. Don’t Take It For Granted. The Belleville Outfit. Typical tricky rhythm and fantastic instrumentals from this little-known group that ought to be a sensation by now.

9. Sea of Heartbreak. Roseanne Cash. An old song, wonderfully done. Bruce Springsteen sings harmony.

10. Dancing Barefoot. Alison Moorer does Patti Smith. Hypnotic and gorgeous.

11. All Just To Get To You. Joe Ely rocks. If you listen carefully on the original, you can hear Bruce Springsteen on backup. Here Joe’s accompanied by Joel Guzman, accordionist extraordinaire.

12. Sparkle and Shine. Steve Earle. Surprisingly sweet song from someone who's usually a lot crankier.

13. Not Enough. Emmylou Harris. Another heartbreaker from Emmylou, a woman bidding farewell to her dead lover. If your eyes don’t mist up, you’re not listening.

And now the songs I wanted to include but couldn’t find on YouTube—all can be found on Amazon and/or iTunes: Robert Earl Keen, “Still Without You,” Trish Murphy, “Blue Tattoo,” Terri Hendrix, “Long Ride Home,” Steve Earle, “I Remember You,” James McMurtry, “Dusty Pages,” Lyle Lovett, "Walk Through the Bottomland."


PG Forte said...

Great songs, Meg. Thanks for making sure Amazon loves me even more today than usual!

Meg Benjamin said...

Aww, me and my Americana pals thank you!