Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guest Blogger Victoria Allen - Live In Critique Partners

My husband and I are in the process of moving to a new home. So what does that have to do with writing? In this case, a lot, at least for me. We’re not just moving into a single house by ourselves, but into a large home with our eldest son and his family. While the blending of three generations is going to be an adjustment, what I’m most looking forward to is having live-in critique partners. You see, my son and his wife are both writers. My d-i-l has a poetry blog and has had some articles and stories published, plus has worked as an editor for several children’s books through a local publisher and has a degree in creative writing. My son has three on-line cartoons plus a website called “Gloaming Gap” where we write “twitter” serial paranormal stories. Plus he has a background in editing. Both are extremely literary.

I can’t wait. We’ve often held lengthy discussions about writing. Brainstormed different ideas for books and stories. Critiqued and edited each other’s works. And collaborated on stories. Now, instead of having to wait for them to be online or calling or otherwise trying to get in touch with each other about a writing issue, we will now be under the same roof (okay, in separate areas, but still under the same roof!).

Yes, there are going to be a lot of issues with the upcoming move and we are working through “rules” and privacy and all the things that go with such a big change, but all of us are looking forward to being able to work closely with other writers who “get” it.

Oh, and one of the issues we’re dealing with is what will be our collective library. Because we are also voracious readers (plus I work at a new/used bookstore!). We are trying to figure out where in the new house, all those books will go! (Which is doubly funny since I swore off buying any more books until after the move, and then promptly broke my rule buy purchasing two books yesterday – one of the hazards of working at a bookstore!)

And while all this is going on, my editors at Captiva Press (who are being extremely patient) are working on my next story that will be coming out. So my next month is completely filled with moving, editing, deadlines, and still finding time to work on new stories. My current story, “The Chosen” will shortly have both a prequel (Heartmates) and a sequel (Building Love). All three are erotic short stories. Keep an eye on Captiva for them and more.

Never a dull moment.

If you’ve a mind, check out our websites:

http://burkholv.wordpress.com – if you like your fantasy warm

http://writervictoria.wordpress.com – if you like it steaming hot

http://www.gloaminggap.com – paranormal short stories for the twitter in all of us

http://www.zoidland.com – for a funny online weekly comic

Vicky Burkholder has twenty years experience as a writer and editor (actually, more than that, but that would be giving away her age.). As such, she has worked for magazines, newspapers, government organizations, epublishers, and private clients. Her editing experience includes the editing of forty-three novels, more than two hundred technical manuals, and as an award winning newsletter editor for the local Romance Writers of America group.

Her own writing spans the fantasy, science fiction, paranormal and romance lines (in addition to boring policy and procedures manuals for private and government organizations) as well as articles for the local newspaper and RWA newsletters. Her fantasy novel, Akashan'te, and futuristic, Prime Time, both recieved four star reviews from Romantic Times Magazine. She writes as both Vicky Burkholder (YA and warm adult novels) and Victoria Allen (erotic works).


Meg Benjamin said...

Hi Victoria, welcome to the Naughty Nine. Having a live-in critique groups sounds great, particularly if they appreciate you!

PG Forte said...

wow, Victoria, having all that creative energy under one roof sounds heavenly. Creative households are the best! Although they do make for some interesting hours. ;)

Good luck with the move though. Sooo not my favorite thing to do!

Kelly Jamieson said...

Welcome to the Naughty Nine, Vicky! I too am envious of all that creativity in the same home! Combining households isn't easy but sounds like you all are working on the positive aspects of it - good luck with that and with your Captiva stories!

vickyb said...

Thanks for the welcome! As for the move, this will be number 22 for hubby and me. And I swear, the last one. Of course, I said that the last time. And the time before that... ;)