Friday, July 16, 2010

My mom is mentioned on Twitter...

and she's thrilled! :) Seriously, she wants to know every time someone says something. The reason for this 15 minutes of fame is that she accompanied me to Rom Con. As did my daughter. They laughingly referred to themselves as my entourage… and they were awesome! They hung out, put up with me, encouraged me, and told everyone they met about me! In fact, my mom was in a fan chat with Julia Quinn and ended up passing my bookmarks out to the entire room! (sorry, Julia!) At the book signing I had—not exaggerating—six people say “oh, I met your mom this morning!” LOL My mom is, needless to say, an extrovert who is an avid romance fan and was on cloud 9. It was great.

Then there was my daughter, Finicky. She came into this for three reasons: 1. four days without her brother 2. a chance to see the mountains 3. the Hard Rock CafĂ©. She left having decided that romance isn’t all bad—especially when they write about fairies, wizards and shape-shifters. She met tons of authors and asked them all lots of questions, loved the book store and… okay, the Hard Rock and the mountains were still pretty great for her!

Here are the other things I loved about Rom Con!

Top 10 Things I Loved About Rom Con

1. Having readers come up and love on me! Seriously, OMG…
2. Meeting my editor Lindsey and brainstorming!
3. Meeting Meg Benjamin (I’ve only ever met two of the Naughty Nine in person—Kate Davies and Meg—but I feel like I’ve been friends with them all for years! :))
4. Having Wonder Mom and Finicky with me
5. Confirmation that my crazy-writer-ways are not that crazy (at least not with this crowd)
6. That I was at the first ever event!
7. Being able to follow every single post on a Twitter thread and for once know what all referred to *G*
8. Confirming that I write for the best publisher around
9. Meeting Ashleigh Raine, Tina Trevaskis, Crissy Brashear, Carolyn Crane, Leanne Banks, Melissa Mayhue, and on and on and on…
10. Sitting next to Julia Quinn when someone told her they’d never read any of her books… then being able to tell her I’ve read every one of them three times *G*

This is actually my third romance conference but my first as a published writer… and I’m hooked! Now I just have to get the rest of the Naughty Nine to one conference all at once and people will be Twittering about that for weeks!

oh, and did I mention I have a cover for my upcoming release (September)??? No? Well, here take a look...


Meg Benjamin said...

Your mom and daughter were awesome! They really made me wish I had an entourage of my own.

Kelly Jamieson said...

I will keep that in mind - must bring an entourage! Not sure who that would be,LOL! So glad you had a great time Erin, and I too am hoping for a conference we can all Naughty Nine go to!

PG Forte said...

I'm impressed. I can't get my family to promote me at all. :(

My mom did once try to give a copy of one of my books to her priest, but my father talked her out of it.

And, yeah, we really need a conference. And mugs.