Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Zillionaire Vampire Cowboy's Secret Werewolf Babies - Chapter 2


Buffi fell back against the door, her heart pounding wildly. She closed her eyes, remembered pain knifing through her. Rock. Oh Rock. She'd loved him so much, with all her being. And he'd broken her heart.

Even now, nearly three years later, he was still so familiar – the stony line of his jaw, the intense slate-blue of his eyes, the wide shoulders and hard muscles of his body. And his mouth. Remembering how he'd plundered her mouth with his had her tummy fluttering and her pulse racing. She drew a deep, unsteady breath.

Lightning illuminated the small foyer of her home, immediately followed by a sharp crack of thunder. Rain poured down outside in torrents. The wind howled around the eaves. And whines and whimpers at her feet had her eyes flying open.

"Oh my poor baby boys," she crooned, bending to scoop up the twins. They'd always been terrified of thunderstorms. "It's okay, my babies." She carried them into the living room, still trembling with the shock of seeing Rock again after all this time, still trembling with the panty-melting desire he aroused in her with just one look of those flinty slate-blue eyes. How could this be, after all these years?

She sat on the couch, Vlad and Ivan snuggled into her, one under each arm, and she held them close. Rock hadn't recognized them as his. And it was damn well going to stay that way. They were so precious to her, all she had in the world now. Them...and this winery.

Grams had left it to her in her will after her unfortunate passing last month from complications from an ingrown toenail. Buffi still couldn't believe it. She'd lost her job at the Houston Meat Market three months ago... Mmm. Meat. But never mind that. This darn recession had put so many people out of work and competition for jobs was tough. Pounding the pavement for weeks hadn't yielded employment. She hadn't been sure how she was going to pay next month's rent on the apartment, how she was going to put meat on the table for her babies. Not sure what she was going to do, she'd been on the edge of desperation. And then thankfully Grams had gone toes up.

Well, not thankfully. Buffi had loved the old girl, truly she had, and she'd miss her, least she had a home to call her own, for her and the boys. And a business to run.

Although the Best Little Winery in Texas apparently...wasn't.

Since moving there she'd learned that the winery had some problems. Last year a big storm had destroyed much of the grape crop, and their yield had been much smaller than normal. Because of that, apparently Grams had tried to save money by skimping on sanitation, resulting in many bottles of wine that had been tainted with mold and yeast. And her winemaker Vince Yardley, although talented and exceptionally skilled in enology, had a little too much liking for tasting his product and spent an unfortunate amount of time face down in the cellar. Now the reputation of the Best Little Winery in Texas was in big trouble.

"Hungry, Mommy."

She looked down at Ivan, who had shifted into a toddler boy with the dark hair and pale skin of his father. "Are you? Let's go find you something to eat."

"Blood! I want blood!"

"Me too!" Vlad piped up. "Blood!"

She smiled. She had some nice bloodsicles in the freezer that would take their minds off the raging storm outside, a nice cool treat on this hot, muggy Texas night.

She watched Vlad and Ivan devour their icy treats in the kitchen, blood dripping off their chins and staining their little fingers scarlet. Love for them swelled up inside her and she reached over to tousle their hair affectionately. Her fierce love for her children stiffened her resolve and she straightened her shoulders. Sure she'd had some problems thrown at her recently, but things would work out fine. She just had to be strong for her babies. Now she had a beautiful home for her boys, space for them to run and play and use their boundless wolf energy. She had a business to run, and even though the business had some problems and she knew nothing about running a winery, she could learn.

And even though Rock was back in her life and he wanted her winery, he wasn't going to get it. She straightened her shoulders. He would never take this winery away from her —and he would never take away her babies, either.

* * *

Rock galloped back to the Double Fang, his jaw tight, muscles rigid, water dripping off his limp hat. Dammit. His earlier feelings of contentment and satisfaction had washed away with the Texas downpour.

Buffi van Pelt. Back in Bloodsuck after all these years.

He supposed it made sense that Babs had left the winery to Buffi. After those weeks Buffi had spent there three years five years long ago had that been? Never mind. After those weeks she’d spent helping Babs out after her hip replacement surgery, she and Babs had grown pretty close.

His loins heated at memories of those weeks — weeks of heat and passion among the vines.

He stabled Monk in the barn and strode into the house.

"Hello, Rock."

He turned to see Chastity Feelsgood sitting on his couch.

"Chastity. What are you doing here?"

"We were supposed to go out tonight. Don't you remember?"

He rubbed the back of his neck. "Damn. I guess I forgot. I was distracted by business."

Chastity rose from the couch and sauntered toward him, her long dark hair hanging in shiny waves down her back. The leopard-print mini dress she wore hugged her curves and left her long legs bare, bare all the way down to the red pointy-toed stiletto-heeled shoes she wore.

"You're always distracted by business," she purred, dragging one long fingernail down the side of his neck.

Her fragrance, that combination of roses and patchouli, filled his nostrils, and she pressed her newly-enhanced breasts against his chest. He waited for the usual reaction he had to her touch, her scent — that flow of blood south, that surge of lust. Instead all he could think about was Buffi's natural beauty – her clean face, soft golden-retriever gold hair and sweet smile.

Tightening his jaw, he stepped away from Chastity. "I'm sorry," he growled. "I'm not in the mood to go out tonight after all."

Her dark eyes narrowed and her glossy red lips pouted. "But Rock...if I were you, I'd have sex with me."

Huh? This woman was whacked. Stacked, but whacked. The vein in his temple throbbed harder. "I'm sorry."

"Come on," she whispered, running a hand down his chest. “Let's go upstairs. I can change your mood."

To be continued... Chapter Three

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