Monday, October 11, 2010


I miss being in school.

Weird, right? Alas, it's true. Learning new things just makes my brain tingle in that oh-so-good way. Not to mention acquiring new skills and honing old ones.

For the past few months, I've toyed with the idea of applying for a Master's program in English or creative writing, but my life simply will not accommodate going back to school.

When I stumbled across iggi & gabbi's four-week DIYMFA, I started thinking--why not create my own "MFA" program? I know what I want to learn, and I know there are books that teach it.

Each week consists of three categories: reading a new book on the craft of writing, reading a work of fiction, and writing. Though I'm just beginning Week 3, I already feel more knowledgeable.

Lucky for me, Gabbi decided to create a web-home for the DIYMFA-ers here, where we can share what we're doing and support each other as we learn.

So help a girl out--add to the books on my MFA to-be-read pile. What fiction book (romance, or otherwise) has beautifully crafted prose? What is your go-to book on advancing your writing?

Currently reading: Lion's Bride (Iris Johansen), The Art and Craft of Writing (Nancy Lamb)


Kelly Jamieson said...

This is a great idea Skylar! I`m not at home so I can`t give you the names of the many, many books I`ve read about writing but the one that sticks in my mind that was really helpful was Manuscript Makeover by Elizabeth Lyon.

Debra St. John said...

There is something fabulous about "going back to school" as an adult. I really enjoyed my Masters Program...but you have to be in the right mood!

Your idea sounds like a great one. Good luck!

I have a writing refernce book that gave me lots of good ideas to work from called "Novelist's Boot Camp" by Todd Stone. It's one that sits on my shelf within easy reach.