Friday, November 5, 2010

Hanging by a Moment

A lot of the time when I'm dragging my heels with writing or brainstorming, it will only take hearing a really good song to flip the switch in my head and suddenly I'm ready to go. When I hear certain songs, I'm instantly reminded of what book I was working on when I listened to a particular song compulsively.

For Stripped Away it was The Dolphins Cry by Live, for Call Me Cupid it was All I Can Do by Chantal Kreviazuk, for Dark Obsession it was Broken by Lifehouse, for Primal Attraction it was It's Not Over by Daughtry, for Whatever it Takes it was, yes, Whatever It Takes by Lifehouse. :)

When it was time for me to rewrite my upcoming release, Trust Me, the first thing I did was pull up the song that I had listened to when I first wrote the book almost seven years ago. Hanging by a Moment by Lifehouse. Seeing a trend? LOL Yeah, I adore Lifehouse and I've yet to write a book where one of their songs didn't make it onto my book playlist.

I've blogged before that finding time to write can be challenging, but sometimes even when the time is there, that driving edge to create misses the memo and takes an impromptu vacay. So on those rare occasions when a window opens up for me to work and I'd sooner scrub the toilet with a tooth brush than plant my butt in front of the computer, nine out of ten times I can get over my anti-writing funk by grabbing my iPod and sitting somewhere and just listening to music, especially if it's a song that's become tied to the book I'm working on.

So much of my creative energy is wrapped up in music that I can't imagine writing without it. For me, music helps me dig deeper into a character or gives me clarity when the images in my head are a little blurry. It's also great for drowning out the voices of other characters and stories waiting to be told. :)

What about you? Does music motivate you or help you get through a task? Does it inspire you to create or maybe just dance madly around the kitchen when you hear a favorite song? Do you adore Lifehouse as much as I do and have a favorite song?

And I'm sure most of you have heard Hanging by a Moment, but just in case you haven't or it's been awhile, here's a video of the live version.


Maria said...

I like music and do listen to it intermittenly during the day but I'm not motivated by it:)...and sorry not a big Lifehouse fan

Skylar Kade said...

I am such a HUGE Lifehouse fan--I got to meet them after seeing a really small, intimate concert when I was in high school.

I always have to have music when I work, but I usually have one band/group for each WIP. Right now, it's Depeche Mode.

PG Forte said...

Love music. Love Lifehouse. LOVE Hanging by a Moment. Those opening chords are enough, all by themselves, to make me smile.

I always write better when I have a soundtrack.

Meg Benjamin said...

WISH I could listen to music when I write, but I just can't. I compensate by putting lots of music in my books.

Debra St. John said...

Music definitely motivates me. When I hear certain songs they remind me of my characters or their stories. Almost every book I've written has at least one "theme" song that goes with it.

Kelly Jamieson said...

I LOVE music, and the only reason I don't listen to much when I write is that I'm so pressed for time, when I start looking for the perfect music I end up spending an hour doing just that instead of writing!

Victoria said...

I'm not a writer, but music plays a huge part in my life. The Doors are great for Vacuuming, Queen for raod trips, Alanis Moraset (sp) or Jewel for get the idea. Yes, my life could have a sound track. Oh, Wierd Al for bad or down days.

Sydney Somers said...

Maria - Don't worry, I'll forgive you. ;)

Skylar - So jealous that you got to meet them.

PG - The first of the song always gets me too.

Meg - As much as I love/need my music, I wouldn't object to a little silence around here when I'm writing from time to time. :)

Debra - Sometimes I have too many theme songs. LOL

Kelly - I always have my playlists all set up ahead of time since I've lost a lot of time doing the exact same thing.

Victoria - LOL I find even Weird Al's stuff too catchy not to tap my foot to most of the time.