Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jungle Love

I just found out (thanks to the autoreminders) that it's my turn to blog, but luckily I have a super-convenient and hopefully fun topic .... my very first wedding pix! They're just snapshots, nothing professional, but I hope you get the flavor of the occasion. Our wedding was on our land in Hawaii -- a jungle love wedding.

My three lovely flower girls.

Fresh coconuts! (When mixed with fresh-pressed sugar cane juice, lilikoi and rum, truly sublime.)

My new husband getting emotional. And that's my adorable nephew and ringbearer.

I have a lot more photos, but I don't want to bore you! It was a completely beautiful and moving occasion, beyond anything I could have imagined.

With aloha -



Meg Benjamin said...

Awwwwwww. Best wishes, Mrs. Juniper.

RK Charron said...

Congratulations Juniper!
Thank you for sharing your very special day.
Love to you & yours,

PG Forte said...


Hey, I recognize those people.;) (Well, some of those people. And the stools. lol!)

Seriously, it looks like it was fabulous and you look gorgeous. LOVE the dress.

Erin Nicholas said...

Yay! Wedding pictures! Looks gorgeous and I'm so happy for you!!! (though it really is harder to be happy for someone who has land in Hawaii... *G*)

Kate Davies said...

Just lovely! Thanks so much for sharing!

Tamera Lynn said...

Beautiful! Romance is alive and well. Congrats, and thanks for sharing pictures.

flchen1 said...

How lovely, Juniper! Thanks for sharing those special moments from your big day!