Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trying Something New

I've got a new book coming out next month, and the promo planning is in full swing. Blog tour, Twitter and Facebook, my newsletter, and for the first time, a book trailer. Although I've never had a book trailer before, I decided to have one made for this new book.

Of course, as soon as I made the decision, there was a discussion on Twitter about how book trailers don't actually sell books. But you know what? I'm still excited about this one. Part of that is the style of trailer - I haven't seen one like this before, so I'm hoping it will be buzz-worthy. I also love the videographer I'm working with, and have been really impressed with her work in the past.

I also know that research shows people need to see a name or product multiple times before it sinks in - and if this trailer can help put my name and my book in front of people who may not have heard of either of us before, that can only be a good thing.

(Not my trailer, but one I loved!)

So in about a month, I should have a book trailer to share, and a few weeks after that, the book to go with it. Wish me luck!


PG Forte said...

Oh, that was great. Can't wait to see your trailer, Kate.

And, yeah, I'm a trailer virgin too. One of these days...

Maia Strong said...

Love the trailer! All she needs to use those extra props is to write a steampunk pirate story. ;)

I'm really looking forward to your book trailer, Kate. I have no doubt it will be memorable and brilliant. I've thought about making them, but that's just not my forte. Maybe one of these days I can hire a vid-goddess friend of mine to make one. That would be cool.

Kate Davies said...

I loved Tessa's trailer, which was brought up in the twitter conversation as "the one trailer that actually convinced me to buy the books". (I hadn't seen it before then.) And yes, a steampunk trailer would be perfect for those props!

I've tried making trailers, but have not been impressed with the results. It's very handy having a vid-goddess friend who can be bribed. And who knows, maybe this will be the start of something cool for her, too!