Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Naked Man

I should write about the release I have coming out in March (Anything You Want, Samhain, March 15th ). Or I should blog about something writing related like how I develop my heroines. I could write about something profound like… well, no maybe I couldn’t.
But I’m in the mood to talk about something just silly and fun and what came to mind was an episode of one of my favorite shows “How I Met Your Mother”. Definitely a show to be used as a guide, no a *Bible*, for relationships and romance (can you hear the sarcasm?! :))

This episode is called The Naked Man. It starts out with Ted meeting a guy who claims that his “move” works two out of three times. He uses it when a first date is definitely not going to turn into a second date. He basically waits until the woman leaves the room, then he strips down and waits. She comes back in, is startled, laughs and then is so impressed by his bravado (and feels little sorry for him) so sleeps with him.
The best part though is when the gang is trying to list 50 reasons to have sex. Here are twelve that they mention:

1. Because you can’t get to sleep
2. Makeup sex
3. Breakup sex
4. Revenge
5. Rebound
6. A friend just told you about a new position
7. Nothing good on TV
8. Hotel room sex
9. Curiosity (“I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have sex with a really tall girl”)
10. He said he loved you but you’re not ready to say it back
11. To change the subject
12. To condition good behavior like shaving and good dental hygiene

I’m going to add:
• to distract him from being mad about the Visa bill
• he’s going to be gone on business for a week
• there’s something really sexy about a guy who’s coaching his son’s Little League baseball team

K, so now it’s your turn. What other “excuses” are there for having sex? (and yes, being in love, is still the big #1)!

And, okay, here's the cover for my upcoming release! :) (March 15th!)

Have a great Wednesday!


D. F. Krieger said...

* As a reward for him doing something sweet and unexpected.


* To soothe his ego after a bad day at work.

Other then that, I fall into all the above usually :D

Kelly Jamieson said...

Ha! I like that - all of the above!

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

I LOVE HIMYM! They always crack me up (especially Barney and his theories :-D LOL)

- Sex with your new high heels/boots on to demonstrate to him that they are so worth their horrendous price ;-p

- you are depressed by your work/colleague/friend and want to feel better