Sunday, January 9, 2011

To Bloodsuck one last time...

Rock is still a cowboy and still a zillionaire, but the babies are no longer a secret!

The happily ever after has been posted and we must say goodbye to Bloodsuck, Texas but before we go...

This story has been a part of our group for the past several months and it was the final proof that this group of nine has great chemistry! So, we wanted to do a little wrap up by giving you all a look Behind the Scenes (that’s where things get really interesting you know!)

Oh, and we have a nook to give away!! (you'll have to come chat with us later to find out who won!)
SO here is some Behind the Scene of the Zillionaire Cowboy’s Secret Werewolf Babies.

You might be asking, how did all of this come to be? How indeed? Some of it was the question “what are we going to post on the blog on Thursdays”? Some of it was that one member of this group can throw out a random funny comment or idea and someone else picks it up and runs with it and then someone else adds something to it—and pretty soon you have something amazing happening. And some of it was that at one time, way back in the beginnings of the Nine Naughty Novelists, we had talked about doing a serial story. But I think that some of us were at least a little serious about it. Like it would be a serious story.

We should have known better. You get the nine of us all together on a chat, with some wine in hand, and no rules and look out! It didn’t take us long—at all—to realize we wanted to do a tongue-in-cheek-affectionate-poke at the genre we all love and write. We threw everything out there at first and a few ideas stuck. For instance, making it a paranormal with vampires and werewolves seemed to stick from the beginning (some of us—won’t name names—weren’t as excited about this concept as others! ) We did agree, however, that we wanted to include every romance cliché we could. And don’t forget the purple prose!

Here each of the 9 share what they liked best and least about writing the 18 part serial!
But, there’s also a really fun chance to learn even more about the serial, its creation, the nine of us and how we manage to get anything done as a group --

We’re hosting a chat today! Yes, TODAY!

You can find us the Oberon Chat Room where our hostess is our very own PG Forte:

It’s scheduled for 3 pm EST (2 p.m. CST) so come on over! I can guarantee it will be fun! We’ll be chatting about this serial, some ideas for our next serial and who knows what else?! (I’m guessing wine, sex, and chocolate will all come up at some point—maybe all together!)

But first, what did we like best and least about writing the Zillionaire Cowboy’s Secret Werewolf Babies?

Erin Nicholas: What I liked best was that it actually worked! I didn’t know if we’d ever get all our details and ideas ironed out, but then seeing the final product as it was posted bit by bit—wow! It was really fun to write something that had no rules, no real limits (except that Rock couldn’t go out in the sun, stand the sight of blood or sparkle… things like that!) You could just let your sense of humor and imagination take you! My least favorite part was probably the pressure of doing as good a job as those before me and not writing into a corner for those coming after me.
Kelly Jamieson: I have to say I loooooved the brainstorming sessions we had when we were
planning this! Anyone who reads this and thinks it's funny, OMG, you would've died laughing at our sessions! I laughed out loud sitting at the computer so much my family thought I was completely losing it. But I was afraid of writing about vampires and werewolves because I know
NOTHING about them (and so funny to see one of my exact questions in the story: How does a man who's undead get a hard on? I was scratching head about how to write that sex scene. Does his blood heat? Does his heart race...?) I also had dumb questions about werewolves, like can they shift at will, or only when there's a full moon? But the great thing about trying out something new in a story like this is, it's just for fun! We could be as crazy and inventive as we wanted (hence Buffy's"lycanthrope fertility lunar cycle"!!

Kate Davies: Favorite thing - reading what everyone wrote. I loved every installment, and thought we challenged each other to get better with each chapter. Hardest thing - Felt bad about making everyone wait for my second installment! I got lost in the schedule and didn't realize it was my turn already. Everyone was very understanding about it, though!

Meg Benjamin: Oh my, it’s hard to believe it’s over! I mean we’ve been living with this baby since last summer. So my favorite moment? Probably when PG posted the first chapter. None of us knew whether this would work or not, whether people would read it or not, whether people would like it or not. I spent that first day going back again and again to look at the comments, absolutely floored that so many people had dropped by to read and have fun with us. It was just such a kick to see. And the hardest part. Well, I could say it was the fact that one of us (naming no names, of course) had this obsession with adding Klingons to the cast of characters, but that got overruled during the planning phase. I think the toughest part, all in all, was keeping all the details consistent. We could all keep track of the big stuff—Chastity’s mis-sized boobs, Rock’s horse, Buffi’s golden retriever characteristics—but little things could trip you up. Like when I wrote my chapter about Chastity and the pups and I gave them the wrong color eyes and hair. Fortunately for me, we posted each chapter in advance and more sharp-eyed Naughties caught it before it was posted. But each week we’d be trying to remember something like whether Buffi had her clothes with her when she went to sleep in the dogbed—and if she didn’t, where could she get them (answer: she’s a werewolf; she keeps emergency clothes in every room of the house). Seriously, y’all, this was just so much fun!

Kinsey Holley: What I liked best was reading everybody else's chapters. Least: trying to write my own! I swear, I was paralyzed trying to make it funny, parodic, sharp, was WAY harder than writing straight romance. I don't think I came even close to PG's stuff.

Skylar Kade: Until we wrote the serial, we were more of a group of writers who blogged together. During all of our group brainstorming sessions, I feel like we really came together as friends and writers. Though we came up with and discarded a million ideas before settling on what became the ZVCSWB, all the polls and debates and discussions just brought us closer. At the same time, there was a lot of pressure to write something funny and in-line with this bizarre story line, especially with all of the talent we have in the Nine, which was my least favorite part of the serial--trying to overcome that anxiety and write a damn good story.

PG Forte: What I liked best about writing ZVCSWB: Going first. lol! No, seriously. We didn't really plot the first half--not very much, anyway. We just started with the characters and a basic premise--which is so not my thing. Writing the first chapter meant I didn't have to angst over the lack of planning...much. Also, I love writing beginnings anyway, so this was perfect. And I felt very lucky to have been the one picked to introduce Rock and Buffi to the world. Best of all, there were no fantastically funny previous chapter(s) to try and live up to.
What I liked least about writing ZVCSWB: Going first. 'Cause, as it turns out, what that really meant was every subsequent week someone else posted a chapter that blew mine out of the water, showed me up and left me thinking, "Damn. That's how it's supposed to be done!"
Really, though, there's nothing I like least about it--other than the fact that it's over! And Kelly's absolutely right: those planning sessions!! OMG, I don't know when I've laughed so much.

Juniper Bell: Best: I loved how the characters came to life as if they didn't know (or care) that they were in a parody -- or that they had nine authors instead of one. They were just themselves, and I love them for it. Buffi and Rock and Chastity were so much fun! I miss them! Least: It was a challenge being the newest NNN and jumping into the middle of the creative process with everyone. I had major performance anxiety, like a rookie being brought in to pitch during the 9th inning of the World Series. :)

Sydney Somers: What I liked best: The brainstorming process (it's such a shame Buffi wasn't half Klingon LMAO) and reading all the brilliant lines everyone else came up with every week. What I liked least: Writing the last chapter. I wasn't all that eager to bring Rock and Buffi's story to a close since I'd miss writing and reading about them, and I was pretty sure there was no way the ending would measure up to all the incredible chapters that came before it.

And finally, to get you in the mood to talk about Zillionaire Cowboys and such, a little poll for you (we love our polls at NNN!)

1. What should we do for our next serial?

Regency with pirates and ninjas

Runaway cruise ship

Other: (you can’t just answer “other”, you have to give us an idea! )

2. Was this one too short, too long or just right?

3. Which character did you love the best and why?

4. Favorite line from the story.

5. Is a zillionaire more or less wealthy than a frakillionaire?

I think I can speak for the whole group when I say we LOVED doing this thing and you all were what made it great!! Thanks for reading week after week, commenting, and keeping us going!

Stick around… who knows what we have up our sleeves!

Erin for The Naughty Nine


Amy S. said...

I loved the serial! Thanks for the behind the scenes look at it. I vote for a pirate one, love pirate books. I think the size of this was just right. I loved all the characters in this. Rock would be my fave though.

Susan said...

Oh, I want one with ninjas, there are just so few ninja romance stories! The length was definitely not too long, it's hard to say if it was too short - would I have enjoyed another installment, yes, but I didn't feel like there was something that didn't get closed out. I liked Rock, because he was so clueless but underneath it all, so sweet. Frakillionaire must be more wealthy since I've never heard of that LOL. Favorite line? It's hard to pick, maybe "Stacked, but whacked!" that's such a classic! Or "hotter than two rats wrestling in a wool sock…only not as scratchy. Or as smelly. Probably less squeaky, too.", there were so many great ones. Thanks so much for a fabulous story!

Cammie said...

Hi. I just loved the whole thing. I found the blog towards the end and read quite a few episodes in one go - it was hard waiting for Thursday to come around for the final ones.

As far as the next serial goes, perhaps you could have a runaway spaceship (you could get the Klingons in then!!). There would have to be some unlikely soul who through some weird but nifty scifi thing was dragged out of the present/past and dropped onto the ship. It could have a murder mystery involved. The hero could be called Luke.

Although I was stricken when it was the last one, I thought the serial was the perfect length to tell the story.

It is really hard to choose a favourite character, but much as I loved them all I think that Chastity made me laugh the most, and because she was still likeable despite her actions and motivations she was my favourite.

So many wonderful lines I had to stop drinking in front of the computer while reading it. The one that stands out in my mind, though, is dining at the Y. Still makes me snigger.

Actually, I believe that a zillionaire is more wealthy than a frakillionaire, but the most wealthy would be the frazillionaire (keeping my eye out for one of those as we speak).

Thanks naughty nine - it was superb!

Debra St. John said...

This was so much fun. I say go with pirates next!

Thanks again, ladies, for sharing your amazing talents with us.

Just right for me.

Rock was my favorite, but then again, I'm all about the vampires.

I can't pick a favorite line, there were too many good ones!

Once you get past millionaire, does it really matter?!??! LOL