Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hey, it's time for another release!

So I’ve been riding this last Samhain release (One Wicked Night) on quite a bit of a high! I’m so thrilled with the reviews and emails I’ve gotten from readers, bloggers, and reviewers.

But hey – I think it’s time for another release! Rule of Three is out next week (February 14). 

These two books are similar in many ways. They’re both ménage à trois stories featuring two men and a woman. One of the men is a “bad boy”. The woman in each story is a “good girl”. Both stories are extremely emotional and very hot. I won’t tell you if they both have the same kind of ending—you have to read them to find THAT out!

But they’re very different, too. In One Wicked Night, the two men are in a relationship (of sorts) at the beginning of the story, which expands to include a woman. In Rule of Three, Chris and Kassidy are a couple. They’ve just moved in together and are deeply in love, and then another man appears in their life.

In One Wicked Night, most of the journey of self-discovery is undergone by Tyler and Kaelin. Nick is there, solid, dependable and steady for both of them, although he has his own moment of having to face his true feelings.

But in Rule of Three, all three characters have some learning to do about themselves. Kassidy has always been the good girl—the good daughter, the good sister, the good girlfriend. Suddenly...she’s being very bad. Dag is a bad boy on the surface who doesn’t commit and doesn’t really feel worthy of being loved. Suddenly he’s involved with not just one person, but two. And Chris...probably has the most difficult journey of all.

Some ménage à trois stories are about a one-time fling that’s hot and exciting. Some are about a long-term ménage à trois relationship. That can’t be easy. It’s a hot fantasy, sure, but realistically, there are very real obstacles to making something like that work. All romances are about overcoming obstacles to find that HEA, but in a ménage story the obstacles can be even greater because of it being a complicated threesome.

Come visit me at the Smutketeers blog today – I’m sharing more about the writing of Rule of Three - AND the “rule of three” in writing (!!) with some sexy little snippets from the book. And I’m giving away an ARC of Rule of Three to one commenter! You know you want it!


daydrmzzz said...

I visited the Smutketeers site. Yesterday but still wanted to tell you contests on the release and that I can't wait to read it!

Kelly Jamieson said...

Hi Dawn! Yay, I can't wait for you to read it too!

Phuong said...

Great way to celebrate Valentine Day...can't wait to read this book :)

Kelly Jamieson said...

Thanks Phuong - yes I thought Valentine's Day was a very nice release day!