Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How To Recover from February 14

There are two types of women recovering from yesterday's festivities: Those celebrating Valentine's Day, and those celebrating Horny Werewolf Day. The former group LOVES love and all that V-day represents, even if that includes Hallmark. The latter eschews the lovey dovey be-nice-this-one-day-of-the-year mentality in favor of ripping the cover off the "holiday" and exposing it for what it is: another excuse for guys and gals to get laid.

I'm firmly in the middle of those two camps. Another excuse for sweet lovin'? Sign me up! But you'd better be sweet to me first.

Either way, many ladies woke up this morning with 2/14/hangover, so I'll generously impart my time-tested remedies and cures.

Recovering from Valentine's Day:
1. Don't think about chocolate. Don't look at chocolate. In fact, avoid anything sweet and give your body time to roll out of its sugar coma.
2. Say something snarky to your loved one to break the mushy gushy sweet nothings spell.
3. Read a dirty romance novel, something low on the tenderness and high on the seduction.
4. Resist pulling the petals off your flowers "He loves me, he loves me not..." style.
5. Have a quickie to make up for the long, slow loving you might have had last night.

Recovering from Horny Werewolf Day:
1. Practice not scowling when you see a good-looking man. Remember, they (might) have feelings too!
2. Read a sweet and spicy romance novel. No, you may not skip ahead to the sex scenes!
3. Go to the store and buy up all the V-day chocolate you can--it's on clearance!
4. Be extra nice to your loved ones, because it's NOT V-day!
5. Don't skip the foreplay tonight.

How are you recovering from 2/14?


Jeanette said...

Clearance chocolate the day after is undoubtedly the very best thing about Valentine's Day, no matter which version of it you celebrate.

Kelly Jamieson said...

LOL Skylar, that's perfect!

Erin Nicholas said...

Fantastic Sky! LOL!

June M. said...

Great post! I love that you had the 2 different versions to choose from.