Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Snow Day

The thing about snow days...they throw your whole schedule out of whack. And since you're all familiar with my fondness for lists, let's just skip ahead to the part where I ramble about weather. Again. :)

Things I contemplate on snow days when I'm supposed to be blogging:

1. Moving and packing. Although, I still have a few weeks to go before the last-minute-panic-and-all-around-moving-stress starts to set in.

2. How I used to spend every snow day (except if there was a blizzard) playing outside all day. Nintendo DSwhat? A sled, a cool snowfort and the promise of hot chocolate later was more than enough to sell me on the idea of numbing my little digits to the point of frostbite if other kids were around to play with.

3. How much work I might be getting done if I only had 1 little person asking for drinks, snacks, help etc instead of 3. Ever notice how they always wait until you're finished with one before their sibling pipes up to ask for exactly the same thing they told you they didn't want five minutes ago? Yeah, it's been that kind of morning so far.

4. How much uninterrupted reading time I could be enjoying if not for drink, snack, help etc requests.

5. How many blankets and chairs it would take to build an impenetrable fort that I could use to confine my wild children. What? As if I'm the only one who's ever thought about it.

6. That I probably shouldn't wait until the last minute to come up with a blog topic.

7. That my blog post would have been up sooner if I hadn't taken advantage of a rare sleep-in morning. But really...3 kids under 10. Can anyone really blame me?

8. How many more zombies I have to kill before I reach the next stage on the Playstation.

9. That it's warm and sunny in at least a million other places right now while I'm stuck here with Mother Nature flipping me the bird for my last blog post.

10. Moving and Packing. Who am I kidding? The last-minute-panic-and-all-around-moving-stress set in the second we started talking about buying a house. :)

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