Friday, February 17, 2012

Things I Wish I Could Change...

I'll bet every single person reading this (both of you! ha!) has a list like this or can quickly create one.

There are LOTS of things I wish I could change. World hunger, war, corrupt politics, abuse, addiction.

And it's important for me to make lists like this once in awhile to remember that the things I think I wish I could change right this minute in my life are little, hardly to be worried about things.

The other eight lovely ladies who share this blog with me--and who really share pretty much every detail of my writing life! *g* -- would tell you that this week I've been majorly grumpy and cynical. So, I thought I should focus on some things that I think I'd like to change to get some perspective.

I would change my caffeine addiction (except that I really like the taste of coffee, not just the rush I get).

I would change my pant size (but then again, I don't want to give up Twinkies and I'm allergic to too much exercise so... there's that).

I would change the winter weather where I live (but the frost on the trees is so beautiful, I love my fireplace and my kids love to sled and build snow forts so... maybe not)

I would change the size of my paycheck (but we have what we need and even a few things we just want and we're able to give to others so I really can't complain)

I would change my author status to NYT Bestseller (but I'm published, which is a dream come true and I have loyal, wonderful readers who enjoy my stories and that's all so amazing that I can't really complain about that either)

So... yeah, maybe there are a few things I could change... like my attitude! :)

I'll never be a Pollyanna or a Suzy Sunshine, but there actually are silver linings and half-full cups and sometimes it's important to reflect on that.


June M. said...

Great post. I do think we often think too much about what we want to change and not think about the things we should be thankful for. I'm not a "Suzy Sunshine" thinker generally either, but am trying to think of more positive things more often.

Meg Benjamin said...

Very nice post. I shall reflect on what I have and what I need not what I want (but I'm still buying earrings!).

Erin Nicholas said...

LOL, Meg. You can't be thankful for earrings until you buy them so you're good ;)

June, it can be tough to check the attitude for me sometimes. For sure. And I think it's okay to be bummed when things aren't going the way you want them to. But yeah, eventually we have to stand up and move on. Some days are easier than others though! :) And chocolate, wine and friends always help!

PG Forte said...

Oh, no. Don't change your attitude! Just your mood. Maybe. After all, I can't be the only cynical grump around here. Although, I don't really think you even qualify as grumpy, so I guess I am at that. Sigh.

Kelly Jamieson said...

Oh Erin, even when you're grumpy you're still fun! Great post and good reminder for all of us about what's really important.

Kim B said...

I think this post contains a hidden message.

Kerrelyn Sparks said...

Very wise and wonderful post, Erin! Thank you for the reminder.