Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Guest Blogger Sidney Bristol - Anticipation

Some time ago I was reading the first book in Elisabeth Naughton’s Marked series. During what you think is about to be the first big bow-chicka-bow-wow scene, the hero spies what appears to be a birthmark – at least to mortal eyes – and the whole hot and heavy one night stand comes to a screeching halt. While they both have their pants around their ankles, he finally finds that pesky woman he’s supposed to kill to prevent something Big and Bad from happening. You can imagine that put a damper on their passionate swapping of saliva.

As much as that scene frustrated me, it’s been at least a year or two since I’ve read it and it still sticks with me. Those of us who write on the naughty side of things often go all in, full tilt. For me, it’s something of a personality trait. I don’t tip-toe into the water, I dive into the deep end when I want to do something. Like when I was sixteen I decided I wanted to live in Asia and my silly parents said if I raised the money I could go. Guess who spent her sweet sixteen summer in Russia? This girl!

I made the decision to go on that trip on a split second decision. However, there were months of fundraising and build up to the Big Event. I researched, I dreamt about what I would do, the things I would eat and the places I would see. I was so excited from all the planning and preparation, the actual experience of living in Russia was in trouble of being eclipsed by the buildup.

What am I talking about? What does a derailed sex scene and my teenage crazy life have to do with each other?


In romance it’s that flirting, fun season of a relationship or book where that hot guy might not ask you out. It’s the, “I want you,” said in a big crowd when it’ll take half an hour to get home. Knowing there is a romantic get away in a week, but wanting it now. That’s a type of sexual tension in writing that takes great skill, and I really admire the writers who can make me squirm and yell at the pages to just get nekkid already!

That hero from the Marked book? He didn’t kill the woman, he saved her and they had hot, sweaty sex – that I can’t tell you anything about. What I can tell you is that sitting on the edge of your seat rush has stuck with me. I can tell you details about the scene if you want spoilers, but I’d much rather you read the book yourself.

Can you recall a book that had you squirming in your chair and telling yourself one more page, because maybe then you would know if the characters got together or not?

It can never be said that Sidney Bristol has had a ‘normal’ life. She is a recovering roller derby queen, former missionary, and tattoo addict. She grew up in a motor-home on the US highways (with an occasional jaunt into Canada and Mexico), traveling the rodeo circuit with her parents. Sidney has lived abroad in both Russia and Thailand, working with children and teenagers. She now lives in Texas where she splits her time between a job she loves, writing, reading and belly dancing.

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Toe-curling kisses and enough sex to fill a weekend were all Pandora wanted from a fling with her teenage crush. She’s never forgotten how he played the knight in shining armor to her damsel in distress. She’s ready to say thank you in several naughty ways, so long as she can walk away when it’s over with her heart intact.

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Meg Benjamin said...

Hi Sidney, welcome to the Naughty Nine. I agree--anticipation (or "longing", my favorite word) is ninety percent of the romance.

Sidney Bristol said...

Yes! Longing, it's so great -- and so frusterating at the same time.

Kelly Jamieson said...

Welcome to the Naughty Nine, Sidney!! I love, love, love sexual tension in a romance! Someone I admire so much is Sandra Brown. Her more recent books are more romantic suspense but she creates incredible longing (I agree, great word) in a single sentence. It's amazing.

Erin Nicholas said...

Hi, Sidney!
I former roller derby queen and a former missionary? I would LOVE to hear a few of your stories! :)

Welcome to the Naughty Nine!