Friday, August 3, 2012

My Favorite Things

Things have been a bit chaotic here in Casa Forte.There are days, a lot of them lately, when I've really needed to count my blessings. Days when I felt the need to focus on the things that can make me deliriously happy or, you know, keep me moderately sane. So here, in no particular order are a few of my favorite things.

The Solano County Fair is going on this week and we live close enough that I get an awesome view of the fireworks every night from my back deck. Yep, life is good because county fairs are one of my favorite things, along with fireworks and ferris wheels and alliteration.

There are little things that make me feel pampered. like LUSH Cosmetics or Designer Chocolates or brunches with my husband. And things that make me laugh, like playful pitbull puppies (and, yes, even more alliteration).

And then there's the internet. I freaking love the internet. It's genius. It's magical. And I'm old enough that it still seems like science fiction to me. I love that I can Google anything I want to learn about. And if Google doesn't know, then Wikipedia is sure to. I love that I can buy books and music instantly...

Oh, wait. That should have been first, right? Oh, well, never mind.

I love that I can go on Zillow and find properties I want to buy. I love that I can get on Skype and see and talk to my daughter in Europe and it's almost like she's still right here. I love Pinterest Boards and Facebook Walls and Twitter Streams. And Youtube. OMG do I love Youtube. Here are just a few of the reasons why...

Star Trek: Tik Tok

And if those don't make you smile just a little, I don't know what will. More wine, perhaps?


Kelly Jamieson said...

Yep this whole post just made me smile. THANK YOU!

Meg Benjamin said...

Ah geez, PG, just what I needed--another set of distractions. Thanks!

Erin Nicholas said...

This is all absolutely awesome!

I love alliteration too! :)