Friday, April 26, 2013

Flirty Friday - Hitched

This photo reminded me of my upcoming book Hitched, which is book four in the Promise Harbor Wedding series that I had the extreme pleasure of writing with three of my Naughty Nine friends, Kelly Jamieson, Meg
Benjamin and Sydney Somers. The photo definitely depicts a wedding and some fun! The only difference would be that when *my* bride gets carried off and kissed it's not by the groom! :) Hitched comes out April 30th!

Gavin headed for the rental car, mostly because he had no idea where else to go.  It was right in front of the church, parked crookedly at the curb, the keys still in the ignition.

Just how he’d expect someone to park who was about to break up a wedding and steal the bride.

Break up a wedding.  Steal the bride.

Hell.  What had he just done?

Had he really just carried Allie out of her own wedding?

Gavin felt a trickle of sweat slip down his back—and it wasn’t that hot out here.

Holy shit.

He’d really done it.

And looking down at the woman in his arms, he knew he would do it all over again. 

It was moments like this that being a selfish bastard—as his father so eloquently put it—was a good thing.  He wasn’t going to lose any sleep over Josh Brewster and the wedding without a bride.  Maybe Josh really loved Allie.  Maybe his heart was in pieces right now. But Gavin didn’t really care.  This was about him and the fact that he was in love with her.  Josh was on his own.

Yanking the passenger door open, he nudged Allie inside and slammed the door before jogging to the driver’s side.  He slid behind the wheel, shifted into drive and pulled away from the curb, aware of Josh’s angry presence by the church’s side door.  Gavin kept his eyes on the street until they were a block away, then he glanced over at Allie.  She was watching him with those big green eyes that had made him mush for years.  

“You okay?” he asked, giving her a little smile.  She would be if she wasn’t now.  He’d make sure of it.

“Strangely enough, I think I might be,” she said.  

One corner of her mouth curled up at the corner and Gavin knew he was right to interrupt the wedding.  It wasn’t like declaring that he still loved her and wanted her back could have really waited until after the wedding.

Hitched, by Erin Nicholas. Pre-order at Samhain now!

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Meg Benjamin said...

Love your pic! It gets the mood, doesn't it.