Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday 13: Ooooh shiny! (hot guy edition)

It's almost the weekend AND it's almost time for RT. To celebrate, we present this visual feast of beautiful men!

Who's your favorite?

1. Steve McQueen

2. Jason Momoa--in a kilt!

3. Eric Sheffer Stevens

4. Jensen Ackles

5. Richard Armitage
6. Brian McCardie--in a kilt!
7. Bradley Cooper
8. Paul Newman
9. Benedict Cumberbatch
10. David Tennant
11. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
12. Gerard Butler--in a kilt!
13. Taylor Kinney

1 comment:

Eden Bradley-Eve Berlin said...

Jason Momoa for the win! Always and forever. BTW-if you see him, mention that I'm single, will you?