Sunday, April 14, 2013

Friday Book Club -- Sort of

Welcome to the special Sunday edition of Friday Book Club. Special because I sort of forgot to post it on Friday. :)

Last month was all about steamy and sexy tropical reads to chase away the lingering winter chill. We dished about books set in Hawaii and some of our favorite Aussie authors.

This time we're chatting about Contemporary Romance, like the Promise Harbor Wedding series for example.

I'm shameless, I know. 
So curl up with your favorite comfort drink and let us know what contemporary romance books you've been reading lately. Have any favorite kind of contemporary hero? Favorite storylines? Ones that drive you crazy? Leave a comment letting us know. 

Next month -- Erotic Romance!


Kelly Jamieson said...

I just finished Love Irresistibly by Julie James. Fun quick read, lots of humor and snappy dialogue, which she is known for, and I even got a little teary at one point which is unusual for me reading a Julie James book.

Sydney Somers said...

I just finished Wait for You, my first New Adult romance by J Lynn(she also writes under Jennifer Armentrout) and I really enjoyed it. Just started her Lux series.

Meg Benjamin said...

Just finished Carla Neggers' Secrets of the Lost Summer. I have kind of mixed feelings--I love Neggers' romantic suspense novels, but this one was a little...slow.

Slick said...

Well, I've been reading the Promise Harbor series and loving every minute of it. Read an ARC of Sydney's Busted yesterday and it's so, so good! I also just finished an ARC by Tamara Morgan that's amazing and features a kindergarten teacher hero! I am so in love!! Lastly, just read an ARC by a new author and she's blown me away with her first book. I'm such a lucky woman! Favorite contemporary hero--I don't care what they do for a living as long as they treat their women well. While I love hunky, beefy guys who work blue collar jobs, I also like intellectual types. Favorite storylines-I adore lovers' reunited stories when they are done well. Friends to lovers stories are a favorite too. Opposites attract are always fun. There's not much I don't like story line wise except cheating...I don't like cheaters at ALL!

Meg Benjamin said...

Thanks, Slick!