Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Guest Blogger Jenna Bayley-Burke - Pin Me

Some people are Twitterholics, others Facebook stalk like a CIA agent. Me? I’m addicted to Pinterest. But that’s okay you see, because I’m working.

Not really. I know I have a problem no amount of Man-Pleasing Chicken or Sesame Street cupcakes will solve. There is no redeeming reason for my I Should Make This board that collects ideas like marshmallow guns (for the kids, really) and lawn Yahtzee. That’s just a time suck. I know this, and embrace it.

But I am totally making a case for Pinterest as a brainstorming tool. Since joining the pintastic palace, I’ve created boards for stories I’m writing and it really has saved me time. Stay with me here. Not only does it create a great visual storyboard, but the pictures are linked back to the original articles.

The Caribbean Christmas board had plenty of gratuitous Ryan Reynolds eye candy, but those links to Anguilla maps, crochet patterns and sail boats? Priceless! I don’t know a shroud from a forestay.

I was so excited to write Caribbean Casanova, I went a little pin crazy and wound up with more ideas than I had room for (Anguilla dolphins will show up in a later Under the Caribbean Sun story, I promise). But all the pictures and links made it easy to change gears from rainy Oregon to sunny Anguilla.

Do you Pinterest?

By day, Jenna is faster than a speeding toddler, stronger than a stubborn husband, able to leap tall Lego structures in a single bound…but by night, while the family sleeps she writes romance novels where no one ever has to scoop up after the dogs, change diapers, clip coupons, drive carpool, do laundry, mop floors, get silly putty out of hair, vacuum, empty the vacuum bag (gross!), exercise, count calories, apply Band-Aids, clean up puke…wait where was this going? Oh, Jenna writes romance because it is glamorous. Just ask the dogs.


Juniper Bell said...

I signed up for Pinterest, but that's as far as I got. But you've made the best argument I've seen for getting into it! Thanks for the inspiring post. Ryan Reynolds? I'm so there. ;-)

Kelly Jamieson said...

Yes!I love Pinterest too! And I totally agree, it's "working" when I'm hanging out there. I create boards for my books too and it's a great place for me to go back for visual inspiration.

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

I wish mobile Pinterest was better. Can't seem to get into it on my phone.

Thanks for having me over to blog!