Thursday, July 25, 2013

9 Things...That are supremely unsexy foods in bed

As you know, some of us...(we're looking at you, Erin!) have characters who can't help making naughty use of edibles. And they might be onto something (alcohol-infused whipped cream, anyone?), but the sexiness relies heavily on careful food selection.

Bring these bad boys into the bedroom? You'll be sleeping alone tonight--and NO hanky panky first!
  1. Pretzels (Meg Benjamin)
  2. Lunchables (Kate Davies) 
  3. Caesar Salad (Sydney Somers)
  4. Tofurkey (Juniper Bell)
  5. Brussels sprouts--I can't think of anything they're good for (Erin Nicholas)
  6. Spotted Dick (Skylar Kade)
  7. Chips & Salsa (Juniper Bell)
  8. Liver (PG Forte)
  9. Crackers--crumbs in bed are pretty damn uncomfortable (Kelly Jamieson)

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