Monday, July 1, 2013

The Male Lead in a Contemporary Romance goes to...

I have been asked what actor I would want to play some of the heroes in my books if they were made into a movie or TV show and, you know...  I do think this is an important thing to consider so I'm ready when Dreamworks or NBC calls :)

But seriously, it's hard for me to think of an actor or actress that could play a character I've already created.  I just have such a concrete idea about these characters that it's hard to make it fit with someone who already exists.

However, if they were interested in being the leading man, there are a few actors I would write a book specifically for... and I would make it really sexy and naughty :)

In no particular order:

Colin Egglesfield

Daniel Sunjata

Taylor Kinney

Aaron Tveit

Matt Bomer

And, yeah, okay, if one of these guys wants to play a guy I've already written... I'll probably be okay with that.  But he might have to ask me in person ;)


Meg Benjamin said...

Nice! Sometimes the right actor for a her or heroine just pops into my mind when I write, but sometimes I really can't think of anybody. These guys might change my mind, though!

PG Forte said...

Yeah. Good choices. I'd be happy to let any of these guys audition for me too. ;)