Thursday, February 20, 2014

9 Things...we can't get enough of on TV

Some of the Nine have that one special TV show. Others (ahem, Erin) have a whole lineup of favorites. We even have a couple rebels!

What's your must-watch show this season?

Skylar: Justified. Kinsey might kill me for calling dibs on it, but I can't get enough of Timothy Olyphant--not to mention that every line of Boyd Crowder's dialogue is impeccable. 

Meg: Elementary. Not only do I get a kick out of Jonny Lee Miller, I covet Lucy Liu's wardrobe every week!

Kelly: I got nothin. I really need to watch more TV. This is what I was watching on Thursday. The view from dinner:

Kate: Castle. I'm hooked on Rick and Beckett!

Erin: Hart of Dixie! (shocking) You want more? I can more than make up for Kelly's not watching. I'm a tv-aholic. I also love Castle. Never miss Rizzoli and Isles. Love Elementary. LOVE NCIS L.A. (the "other one" less so). Enjoy Grimm. Watch almost everything USA puts out. Really miss Burn Notice. Sad about Psych going off the air. Modern Family is must see in our house!! Similarly love the Middle. Still watch Seinfeld reruns. And that's just off the top of my head! And yes, I can write while I watch. No problem. It's a talent I perfected while studying for anatomy exams in PT school... I still didn't turn the tv off but could retain both things at once.

Kinsey: DIBS ON JUSTIFIED?????? Ok fine. Archer. One of the best shows on TV, animated or live action.

PG: I'm with Kelly. I'm in an extended non-TV-watching phase. Although I am kind of obsessed with Treehouse Masters. I mean, c'mon. Who DOESN'T want to live in a tree? I'm watching my son's dog while he's away. (see? kinda like a treehouse). Double the pleasure, double the pit bull fun. Absolutely more entertaining than pretty much anything on TV.

Juniper: I haven't been watching anything! We don't have a TV, plus we've been in Hawaii with limited power. I miss TV! I have a huge TBW list, and you guys are now adding to it. Our version of TV. It's a little bit wetter.

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