Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What's Bugging Kinsey This Week?

I've tried like four times already to write a blog post but every subject (book reviews; research; RT; how everyone else writes better and faster than me) kind of petered out because I couldn't think of anything interesting to say.

Then I realized I'm in a pretty crabby mood and have been for a couple of days. Lots of things are getting on my nerves.

"Like, what kind of things, Kinsey?"

Glad you asked!

There Was A Roach In Diva's Room This Morning And I Didn't Get It 

I do not need that shit at 6:45 a.m.

I Won't Be My At My Nephew's Birthday Dinner Tonight Because I Still Feel Icky

I'm over the bronchitis but I think now I'm going through withdrawal from all the drugs I was on. I'm still SO. FREAKING. TIRED. all the time. Also, dinner's at Cheesecake Factory and I haven't eaten there in forever so boo.

The Cable's Screwing Up

The picture's all FUBAR and the only sound is a high pitched, screeching buzz. They're coming in the morning to fix it and THEY BETTER, because I still haven't managed to catch Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski's commentary for Olympic figure skating. I can catch the Bitten episode I missed last night on demand but I'm gonna be vexed if I can't record the Glimmer Twins tomorrow.

My Mom Wants To Buy a Roku So She Can Stream Netflix And Amazon Moviese

I just...y'all, I can't with this. I'm her IT department and I know---I don't want to sound like a bitch but I know---the Roku will confuse and enrage her but she won't get rid of it because she spent fifty bucks and she's convinced that not being able to understand electronics and computers means she's got Alzheimer's. (She doesn't have Alzheimer's. She's sucked at technical stuff all her life.)

Fortunately, there are some things that have cheered me up today.

I Was Able To Tell Diva, "If your room wasn't such a disaster area I could have followed the roach and yes, you are sleeping in your room tonight."

I know I shouldn't derive pleasure from being able to say I Told You So but if there's less than one square foot of unoccupied space on the floor, then yeah, a roach can pretty much hide wherever he wants to and no, I'm not pulling out all the crap she's stacked under her desk to look for him.

I swear to God she's inherited her grandmother's hoarding gene and I'm not having it. (Even her step-grandmother -- the one who bought us the disabled-access rodeo tickets -- is a hoarder.) (My father in law is not a hoarder, he just marries them.)

My Sister Posted A Baby Pic Of My Nephew That I Hadn't Seen In Years

He's all tall and skinny now and won't let me blow bubbles on his tummy

Gawker Is Posting Pictures of Tara And Johnny Every Day And There's Always Their Shared Instagram Account (Weir Watch / Tara and Johnny on Instagram


Elaine Stritch Put Her Feet Up In Kathy Lee Gifford's Lap And Said Fuck On The Today Show

A commenter said it best: "This woman is my spirit animal."


Skylar Kade said...

Tara and Johnny are so fantastic, I can't even...


PG Forte said...

Sorry you're still feeling icky, Kins. But with ALL OF THAT good stuff going for you, I can't imagine you won't feel better soon. Hang in there. Also, I have to say, I think Diva is my spirit animal...or, you know, maybe I could be hers. <3 <3 <3

Kate Davies said...

LOVE Tara and Johnny.

Sorry you're still under the weather. Boo.

I'm at the same stage with my kids and their rooms. I was the same way when I was a kid, but by God, I'm not letting them turn their rooms into Superfund sites!