Thursday, February 6, 2014

Which Disney Villain are You? The 9NN reveal all...

CAVEAT: There may have been wine involved in this plan...

To jazz up our Thursdays, we're going to be sharing the results of some personality quizzes. Why, you may ask? Well, first, because we want our readers to really get to know us--and what better way than to share which Disney villain you're most like? Second, because we want to get to know our readers. So take the quiz yourself and share your results on the blog or social media. Third? Reasons. Reasons involving Skylar drinking wine and having too much fun, and the Nine Naughty Novelists thinking this sounds like a graaaaaand idea.

This week we're revealing (drumroll please....) our Disney Villain personas!

Skylar: I'm Gaston! I'll try not to take it personally.
Erin: hahaha! I'm Maleficent! Nuh, uh!!
Skylar: my biceps are bigger than yours!
Erin: bahaha! But I have horns... or a hat with horns anyway!
Skylar: Oh Erin...I can't help myself. Does that make you...horn-y?
Erin: I would have been disappointed if you let that one go!
PG: I'm Ursula, which is so perfect (hello? Pisces!) it's scary.
Kinsey: Oh my gawd - I'm Ursula. I can actually kinda see that...
Kate: Cruella De Vil. Which, other than the furs thing, I'm okay with that.
Sydney: I'm the Evil Queen. I know Erin must be crazy jealous of my crown
Meg: Queen of Hearts. Well, I've got a crown.
Kelly: Maleficent! "I have no time for stupidity" true.

Don't forget to take the quiz yourself!

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