Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Island Time

Dear Naughties and Naughty Readers:

Yes, my blog post is late. Yet again. I'm never late -- when I'm in Alaska. But when we come to Hawaii, it's like stepping into a rabbit hole where time does weird things behind my back. Like Tuesday turns into Wednesday without me even noticing. In Hawaii they call it "island time." "Island time" means people arrive when they get there, things happen when it's their time to happen -- not when you tell them to happen.

So what is it about Hawaii that makes time play tricks on you? I have no idea, but here are a few theories, in visual form.

In other words, it's just so frickin' beautiful and relaxing! Is this helping? Do you forgive me? Not yet? Okay, how's this:

Yes, that's Bradley Cooper. He comes to Hawaii. So does Jason Statham.

And then there are the men who live here.

So there you go. I promise to be on time next month. I won't be in Hawaii anymore, so it should be much easier.

Forgive me?

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PG Forte said...

Gawd, it's so true. And there's really no getting around it, either. You just have to surrender to it. I find a little lilikoi shortbread helps that process. lol!