Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who's Who in Bloodsuck, Part I

In her post yesterday, Juniper talked about some of the fun we've been having writing the Zillionaire Vampire Cowboy's Secret Werewolf Babies (or, ZVCSWB, as we like to call it).  What she forgot to mention was how crazy we can get around the subject. How goofy and hyper and...nah, crazy says it best. 
In fact, we got so crazy that, at one point, I think we actually frightened her. 
In her defense, she had yet to read any of the chapters or story notes. And she had yet to attend one of our zany planning sessions. She was busy. We were manic. She humbly offered to bow out of the serial...and was met with stunned, disbelieving silence.
Trust us, we told her. Take some time. Read the chapters. You don't know it yet, but you want to be part of this!
And, of course, we were right.
Today, we're going to share a little more of the fun by introducing you to some of the characters you'll be getting to know over the next several months. We hope you'll learn to love them just as much as we do.

First up, of course, is our virile hero...

Rock Fangsworthy
“I’m rock hard for you, baby!”

What can you do with a man like Rock? Alpha to the core with a somewhat faulty memory, he’s tall, pale and extremely hard-assed. The girls all swoon for his chiseled features, granite-like eight-pack abs and slate blue eyes.

Who knows how much money the vampire cowboy and self-professed gazillionaire actually has? Is it zillions? Trillions? Frakillions? Frankly, we don't really care. All we know is—it’s a helluva lot of cold, hard cash!

But beneath his stony exterior and behind his steely-eyed stare Rock harbors a powerful hankering for the wolf who got away. His lonely bachelor’s heart doesn’t beat (what with his being a nightwalker and all) but if it did, there’s just one filly…er, bitch…er, female for whom it would race. His love for Buffi, his night-blooming goddess of canine carnality, is undying…which only makes sense, of course, because he’s already undead.

Next, we have our winsome heroine.

Buffi Braveheart Van Pelt
“How much is that hot dog in the window?”

Ah, our furry blonde were-temptress, how we love her! With her Golden Retriever hair and her dog-next-door good looks—not to mention her spunky personality, great calf development and sorority-girl wardrobe—Buffi quickly won a blue-ribbon place in our hearts and made us want to pat her head and give her treats.

True to her breed, good-girl Buffi wants to mate for life with the bad-boy, vampire cowboy of her dreams. She’s a devoted mother to her boys and, with a little encouragement and the proper training, we just know she’d make a faithful companion and enthusiastic lover to the right undead gazillionaire rancher. Beautiful Buffi is looking for her forever home. C’mon, Rock, give this dog a bone!

And, of course, the family tree wouldn't be complete without...

Vlad and Ivan Van Pelt
“B is for Bloody—that’s good enough to eat!”

These two year old twins are part night terror, part fox terrier and wholly adorable…at least if you’re their mother.

Vlad and Ivan inherited their mom’s Siberian Huskie eyes and their father’s pointy teeth…or is that their mother’s teeth and their dad’s glacial-ice gaze?

 No matter. Their boundless energy and inquisitive natures make them a double bundle of purebred trouble. The pups are always ready to chase after the next new thing that comes along, run it to ground and sink their fangs into it.

Kidnappers beware!

That's it for today. If you haven't already done so, be sure and check out Juniper's post, for a description of the story. And come back tomorrow when we'll be introducing you to our evildoers. 'Cause every story needs a villain--and we've got two! 

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Juniper Bell said...

What? Bow out? What was I thinking? No way, I'm having way too much fun with this. I think I'm a little in love with Rock, to tell you the truth. Watch out, Buffi van Pelt!

kelly said...

This is just as funny as the story!

Sherry said...

Rock looks so hot and I would love to meet him. The twins are so cute in either form.

Denise Golinowski said...

Wonderful pics - Like Danielle (I believe it was) I was wonderin' just how in the h*** did Rock get a tan? I forgot about the wonders of modern science and beauty products.

Denise Golinowski