Thursday, September 19, 2013

9 can say to your dog, but not your husband.

Skylar's obviously been watching too much "Who's Line is it Anyway?"

1. "Who's my good boy? Who's my pretty boy?" In baby talk voice, of course. (Kate)
2. "Get your nose out of that porcupine's butt." (Juniper)
3. "Stop licking your balls, seriously." (Skylar)
4. " No humping the mailman!" (Sydney)
5. "If you bite me like that again, you're sleeping outside" (Erin)
6. "Behave or I'll make you scoop your own poop." (Juniper)
7. "Down boy, down!!" Oh wait... (Kelly)
8. "If you so much as touch that wine, blood will flow." (Meg)
9. "Get OFF me! Now!" (Kinsey)  

Your turn! What do you tell your dog (or cat) that you can't yell at your hubby? 


Kinsey Holley said...

Other things I hopefully would never say to my Hub:

"Get your nose out of my butt."


"Stop jumping on the Bebe." (Our dogs love Hub's grandmother. But she's 103 and doesn't need dogs jumping on her.)

Erin Nicholas said...

Bebe is 103??? Or are you exaggerating? WOW!

I'd say that anyone over the age of 90 doesn't need dogs jumping on her/him! LOL!