Monday, September 16, 2013

Cover Love - Happy Medium

Today I’m doing a cover reveal for the third book in my Ramos Family/Medium Trilogy for Berkley InterMix, Happy Medium. Like the other books in the trilogy, Medium Well and Medium Rare, this give you a sort of idealized version of San Antonio's King William District. But the man and woman here are staring at that house for a good reason—it's got one nasty ghost inside.

This one was a lot of fun to write because the possibilities were wide open. All I knew about my hero was that he renovated houses in the Hill Country. Clearly I had to get him down to King William so that he could share the adventures of the Riordan clan (and so that he could meet a few familiar faces), but beyond that I had a blank slate.

The hero of Happy Medium is the youngest Ramos sibling, Ray. At the beginning of his story, he’s got a big problem—the King William mansion he and his partner have purchased for flipping turns out to need a lot more work (and thus a lot more money) than either of them anticipated. Where to find the cash? Well as it turns out, a reality show, American Medium, is looking for suitably spooky San Antonio houses for their séance locations. And Ray’s got a really spooky house for their consideration.

My heroine, Emma Shea, is the assistant to the medium in the show, one Gabrielle DeVere. Neither Emma nor Ray really believes in ghosts. That is, neither of them believes until Gabrielle pressures them into taking part in a test séance to see if Ray’s mansion will work for her purposes. Something unseen molests both Emma and Ray, although Gabrielle seems totally unaffected.

Of course, the house is haunted, this time by a ghost who’s both sexy and very, very dangerous. And of course Ray, descendant of the Riordan family of mediums, turns out to have the same mediumistic powers as his brother and sister (see Medium Well and Medium Rare). Emma turns out to have a few powers of her own, which Ray is more than willing to help her exercise, both in séances and elsewhere.

After their test séance awakens this particular restless spirit, Emma and Ray are faced with a new problem—how to get rid of a particularly nasty ghost before Gabrielle holds her televised séance and all hell breaks loose, perhaps literally!

Happy Medium will be released on January 20, but it’s available for preorder

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