Thursday, September 26, 2013

September Pick Your Pleasure: how do you take your heroes?

Do you prefer your romance heroes to be super Alpha males, or sweet & romantic Betas?

Kate: I have a soft spot for betas.

PG: I like alphas. I don't feel as bad when i make them suffer.  

Meg: Um...who says sweet romantic guys can't also be alpha when it comes to protecting the women they love? I like heroes with brains and brawn, thank you very much.  

Kelly: Frack! I can't choose! I guess my preference leans to alphas. The alpha who is brought to his knees by love.  

Erin: That's a tough one. I like writing both and I like reading both. Honestly, in real life? The strong but sweet beta. Writing, probably the alpha.

Sydney: I'm with Meg, I'm all about the alphas who have their sweet, romantic moments.

Juniper: In bed, the alpha. Out of bed, I'm flexible.

Skylar: In romance novels, I'll take the Alpha almost every time, though I've read some amazing betas.

Now it's your turn: vote in our poll and tell us your favorite kind of romance novel hero!

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