Thursday, February 25, 2010

Meet the Heroes-- Part 3

More sexy heroes to get to know better!
Meet Ben and Carter!

Hero: Dr. Ben Torres
Hero of Erin Nicholas’s upcoming (March 2010) release Just Right from Samhain Publishing.

How did you end up in Omaha?
Because I didn’t have anywhere else to be! But seriously, I came back because of my mom. This is where she grew up and where she settled after she retired. I’m an only child, my parents were missionaries, so I’ve been all over and didn’t really have any other ties. I guess I got here without thinking about if I was going to stay or not. It was just where I had to be at the time. Now it’s a no-brainer! No where I’d rather be.

What’s the biggest turn-on/turn off about Jessica?
Oh, boy, I could get in a lot of trouble here! But one of the things I love most about her is that she’s got a great sense of humor (right, honey??) so... what turns me on most is that she tries so hard to be this good girl but she’s got this big naughty streak and she’s very comfortable letting that streak loose around me (thank you, God). She’s also great at everything she does, she’s incredibly dedicated, she raised her two younger siblings (and did a great job), she takes care of everyone around her. I could go on and on—obviously! Turn off? Well, she always thinks she knows what’s best for everyone else. Come on, Jess, you do and you know it. Hell, you’ve made it an art form. Okay, truthfully, I get turned on by that bossiness too…

Thong, crotchless panties or nothing at all?
Wow, I’m just not that picky! As long as she’s got that gorgeous smile on! But if I have to pick… thong. Definitely. I was trying to ignore my insane attraction to her and then one day she bent over, I saw the outline of the thong through her scrub pants and I was a goner.

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Hero: Carter
From the novella Challenging Carter, available now from Kate Davies and Samhain Publishing

How did you end up in Seattle?
I've lived here all my life. When I decided to open my outdoor gear company,
it made sense to set up shop here. Plus all my friends and family are in the
area, including Dani.

What's the biggest turn-on about Dani?
She's this amazing combination of the girl next door and the sexiest,
hottest woman you could imagine. When she started taking those strip
aerobics classes, you can bet she sure opened my eyes!

Turn offs? When she doesn't believe in herself. She's so fantastic, and
sometimes she just doesn't see it. Her confidence has definitely improved
lately, though!

Thongs, crotchless panties, or nothing at all?
Doesn't matter to me, as long as the reveal is as slow as possible. Taking
off her clothes one piece at a time -- heaven, man.

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