Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meet the Heroes ~ Part I

Today's the first of several interview posts we have planned to let you get to know some of our heroes a little better. This series will be running on Thursdays--different heroes each time. And if there's anything you're dying to know about one of our guys, don't be shy! We've put them in the hot seat for you, so ask away.

How did you end up in Konigsburg, Texas?

Long, boring story. I was working as a vet in Kansas City, within driving distance of my hometown Lander, Iowa, which was sort of like never leaving home at all. Met this guy at a convention, Horace Rankin, who had a veterinary practice in Konigsburg and needed a partner. I bought in and came down here. I’ve gotta say that moving to Texas was sort of like moving to Mars, except that the natives were probably friendlier. Never regretted it, though. Particularly after I found Docia.

What's the biggest turn-on/turn- off about Docia Kent?

She’s built like Botticelli’s Venus, and sort of looks like her too. The minute I saw her standing at the bar in the Dew Drop Inn, I fell like that Galloping Gertie bridge. Not that she spends a lot of time at the bar now. Or then. Geez, Docia, I’m trying here, okay? Turn-offs? Well, there’s the whole not trusting men thing, but I think she’s over that now. Of course after she reads this she may not be as over it as I thought!

Do you prefer thongs/crotchless panties/nothing at all?

(bursts into hysterical laughter). Oh man, what can I say that won’t get me into trouble, big time! Whatever the lady wants, pal, whatever the lady wants.

To read more about Cal and Konigsburg, Texas visit Samhain Publishing or author Meg Benjamin's website

Hero: Conrad Quintano, In the Dark

How did you end up in San Francisco?

The year was 1856. I'd been living in New York when my partner and I had a falling out. After he seemed a good time to re-invent myself yet again. At that time, California was the place to go if you were wishing for a new start in life. Gold had been found there several years earlier and there were still fortunes to be made. Not that I was lacking for funds, you understand, but one can never amass too much wealth and power, especially when one is the head of so large a family as mine.

Besides which, a new Committee of Viglilance had just been formed in San Francisco to combat lawlessness, corruption and greed. As this was something I'd spent the past several hundred years doing among my own kind. I thought—quite correctly, as it turned out—someone like myself would fit in quite nicely. It was also most agreeably foggy. Why so many vampires continue to settle in Southern California instead remains a mystery to me, although they're certainly welcome to it.

What's the biggest turn-on/turn- off about Desert Rose?

Turn ons? Ah, that's easy. Her eyes, her hair, her youth, her refreshing naïveté. She's beautiful and she makes me feel young again. Something which, after eleven hundred years, is almost impossible anymore.

Turn offs...also easy, unfortunately. Those would have to include her reckless behavior, her extreme childishness—did you know she wants me to throw her a Christmas party? Oh, and her fondness for sunlight, her irritating habit of rising before noon...

In balance, however, I must admit that all the annoyances are really quite minor when compared to the great joy she brings me. Did I mention she's also quite tasty? She is. In fact, her flavor is so very satisfying that I find myself uninclined to share. So don't ask.

Do you prefer thongs/crotchless panties/nothing at all?

I do not understand anything about the undergarments your modern female wears. They are by no means utilitarian, and if they're worn to be shown off, then why cover them? I can only conclude they're meant to add to the sense of anticipation, to leave one wondering about what lies beneath. After several centuries, I must admit most of the surprise has worn off. So, if I were to answer your question, I suppose I would have to say 'nothing at all'.

To read more about Conrad and the rest of his family, visit Samhain Publishing or author PG Forte's website

Hero: Cale Callaghan Primal Attraction

How did you end up in Avalon?

I think the more interesting question is where didn't I end up? Between protecting the dagger I need to save my brother and tracking down my reluctant mate (did I mention she doesn't remember me and has orders to kill me on sight?) means moving around. A lot. But then, there isn't a place on Earth or Avalon that I wouldn't go to prove to Sorcha that we belong together.

What's the biggest turn-on/turn-off about Sorcha?

Biggest turn on would definitely be her sword. No, I'm not into S&M, but that confident look that comes into her eye when she knows exactly what she wants and that nothing is going to get in her way, fires me up every damn time. Nothing unleashes my animal instincts as much as a woman determined not to let me dominate her. :) Biggest turn off? Definitely her sword. Yeah, I'm twisted like that, but if you've ever been on the receiving end of it when she's pissed, you'd understand. *shudders*

Do you prefer thongs/crotchless panties/nothing at all?

Like any other hot-blooded male, you can't go wrong with naked. That said, having to first peel (or rip) off a pair of thongs is never a bad thing either. ;)

To read more about Cale and Sorcha , visit Samhain Publishing or author Sydney Somers' website.

Hero: Taran Lloyd, Kiss and Kin
How'd you end up in Houston?

I was born here. My family's been in Houston since before the shifters came out in the 40s. 
  What's the biggest turn-on/turn- off about your mate, Lark?

Nothing about her turns me off. she gonna read this? Swear? Ok, fine.

She leaves half-empty Diet Cokes in the fridge and she's incapable of putting a top back on something. Medicine bottles, tupperware, shampoo, whatever - she never closes anything completely. We went out of town last weekend and when she opened her suitcase, her shampoo had leaked all over everything. I tried to explain that if she'd just make sure she closed it...but she told me to f*** off, stop nagging, it wasn't my suitcase. Is that reasonable?

Turn ons: Her legs. Her hair. Her laugh. The way she's always happy to see me when I come home from work. She likes action movies. And she doesn't want my input on the wedding - all I have to do is show up with a ring.

So, yeah. Fuck the whole half-screwed top thing, I can live with it.
Do you prefer thongs/crotchless panties/nothing at all?

I think crotchless panties are hot as hell, but she always gets the giggles when she puts them on. And, you know - who cares. 

To read more about Taran and the rest of the pack, visit Samhain Publishing or author Kinsey Holley's website


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This is great! How fun! I also love that I've read about all these great guys! :)