Monday, February 15, 2010

Feel the Heat

It's been a mild winter in our neck of the woods this year, with no snowfall and very few days below freezing. (Before all of you on the east coast of the US start giving me the evil glare, last year was a different story.) The weather has actually been pretty mild, the temperature staying in the moderate zone almost every day.

And yet my favorite item of clothing this season has been the flannel-lined jeans I got for Christmas.

It's almost embarrassing how much I love these jeans, especially when the temperature is well above normal and kids are running around in shirt sleeves. I shouldn't need flannel-lined anything in this weather.

But oh, my goodness, do I love them.

I also love fuzzy socks at bedtime, down vests over turtlenecks, and those footwarmer inserts you stick inside your shoes that keep your feet toasty for up to five hours. I'm the one putting on a sweater in the house even when the thermostat is at a perfectly acceptable setting. I openly covet my neighbor's fireplace insert, which boosts the temperature in her living room to an amazing degree. And I'd gleefully spend hours in a hot bath if only I could keep the water from cooling down.

So I suppose it's a good thing I live in an area that isn't known for it's lengthy sub-freezing season. I can only imagine how many layers I'd need in a part of the country that actually has winter weather during the winter season!

How about you? Are you more suited to the cold, or the heat? Or do you prefer a middle-of-the-road climate?


sherry said...

I prefer the middle of the road weather. I hate real hot and real cold weather if it's to cold I can't ever seem to get warm and if it's to hot I can't ever get cooled off. In the spring or the fall the weather is just perfect for me.

Meg Benjamin said...

Having lived in a semi-tropical climate for over twenty years, I can truthfully say, give me freezing weather anytime (sans snow, however). Warm clothing is much kinder to lumpy figures like mine than summer duds!

PG Forte said...

oh, I agree with Sherry. Give me a nice, sunny Mediterranean Marine climate every time!

Just call me Goldilocks. 'Cause I don't like it too cold, don't like it too hot, I like exactly what I've got...except for this winter which was entirely too cold and rainy for my tastes, even here. Ugh.

Beth said...

I wouldn't mind living somewhere that got truly cold during the winter. I hate a winter that is only rain. but I love the summers here. Not too hot but several weeks at a time without too much rain.
And as for clothes/weather mixing up, our over night low last night was high 30's and it's only mid 50's right now and I'm wearing a tank top and sitting on the couch with a blanket on my lower half. How's that for mixed up?

Erin Nicholas said...

I'm kind of like Beth... not uncommon to have fuzzy socks and flannel pants on but then a fan pointed on me! :) I live in a part of the country that sees the coldest cold and hottest hot. And I happen to LOVE the middle of the road! :) At least if I'm too cold or too hot it won't be long until it changes!

Kate Davies said...

Good to know I'm not alone! I see my kids head out the door in shirt sleeves and make them put on coats. Poor things! I'm now reliving my first book ever written, titled "When Mommy is Cold, I Have to Wear a Sweater." Now I'm on the other side of the equation!

And I don't care what anyone says. Fuzzy socks are sexy. :) Or at lesat they're capable of warming you up enough to FEEL sexy later on.