Thursday, February 18, 2010

Meet the Heros - Part 2

Meet the Heroes ~ Part 2

Here's our next interview post to let you get to know some of our heroes a little better. This series is running on Thursdays--different heroes each time. And if there's anything you're dying to know about one of our guys, don't be shy! We've put them in the hot seat for you, so ask away.


Hero: Dario Martoni, hero of Skylar Kade's upcoming novella “Lawful Pleasures” in the Curvalicious anthology from Parker Publishing.

How did you end up in Los Angeles?
I’ve lived here my whole life. My grandparents immigrated here from Italy, and as soon as they landed on Ellis Island, they used every penny they had to come out to California. My mother still lives in the house my grandfather built.

What's the biggest turn-on about Lia Delgado?
Lia is a firecracker in bed. I thought I was creative, but that woman has shown me things with ice cubes and hot chocolate that send tingles down my spine anytime I see them… actually, the other cops at work have started giving me funny looks.

What kind of lingerie do you like on Lia?
She has this little yellow number that sets off her dark Boricua skin to perfection. She’s a vision in it – the only problem is I can’t keep my hands off her long enough to truly enjoy the sight.

Hero: Carter Jarvis from Kelly Jamieson's Sexpresso Night:

How did you end up in Santa Barbara?
I grew up not far from here in Ventura. I’ve moved around up and down the coast and I’ve done a lot of traveling in South America, but when I wanted to start my own business I thought Santa Barbara would be a good place. I found the perfect location for my shop, Karma Coffee, right on Cabrillo and I’ve been here ever since.

What’s the biggest turn-on/turn off about Danya?
Oh man. Everything about Danya turns me on, but I have to say when she looks at me with those gorgeous green eyes, hangs on every word I say, and does just what I tell her to do – anything I tell her to do – that is so effing hot. Turn off? Uh...I dunno. She’s a horrendously messy cook – when she cooks a big meal the kitchen looks like a war zone after. She’s a good cook, though. (Grins and winks.)

Thong, crotchless panties or nothing at all?
(Evil grin). Okay, crotchless panties are kinda cheesy to me. I figure you might as well just go without. I guess it depends on the moment – there are times I tell Danya to wear nothing at all, and knowing that the whole time we’re out somewhere, is hot as hell. But she has some really pretty panties that look so sweet on her cute little ass...okay, enough. I gotta go...


PG Forte said...

Loved learning more about Carter. . Although I can't imagine where he was rushing off to at the end there... lol!

And I'm very intrigued by Dario. Do we know when his book is coming out yet? Inquiring minds...

Kelly Jamieson said...

I asked Skylar for cover and release date and she does not have yet....stay tuned!