Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weather Woes - D. McEntire

Whew! I made it. Sorry, Nine Naughty Novelists Blog readers for the late post. With internet connection issues and this wonderful winter weather pretty much everyone here in the US has been experiencing, it’s hard to get anything done these days.

Speaking of winter weather, so many people are literally under the weather. I can’t imagine having that much snow. Where is it supposed to go? Cold temps keep it from melting so it stacks up. When it does melt… What a mess.

I have pictures on my website of last year’s snows and the ice storm. I wanted to post some pics I took yesterday, but alas, my internet service would not cooperate. Tried to upload them from my flash drive to photobucket while here at work so I can let y’all take a gander, but the uploader for photobucket is blocked here. *sigh*

So, how are you handling this weather in your neck of the woods? Are you outside enjoying the snow, making snowmen and having snowball fights? Or are you staying indoors, trying to keep warm and occupied? Are you getting caught up on your reading? Plenty of good books out there. (Shameless lead into my paranormal romance series, The Watchers).

I’ve been hearing more and more from readers The Watchers series has been capturing those who don’t tend to gravitate toward paranormal reads. The reason I’m given is because the Watchers themselves just so happen to be vampires. It isn’t entirely the focal point of the series. Sure, they have a vital job to do in culling the number of rogue vampires to protect humans and civilian vampires from becoming victims of the merciless killers. The Rogue’s bloodlust over runs their common sense in the fact mutilation of humans being discovered by the public would lead to the discovery of vampire existence, and things could get messy.

No, the series is much more than that. Each novel tells a story. Not just one of romance, sexual tension, erotic interludes and matters of the heart. There’s always something else going on, both behind the scenes and directly involving our hero and heroine. Action. Suspense.

I hope you get a chance to check out The Watchers series. I highly suggest starting at the beginning with Midnight Reborn to get a feel of The Watcher society as well as the setting – Louisville, Kentucky during the beginning of the Kentucky Derby festivities.

D. (Diane) McEntire

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