Friday, February 5, 2010

Parking Etiquette?

My local news station had a special tonight on people who park badly. At first I thought it was an odd topic, but I figured it's LA, and they don't do real news very often. But it got me thinking about just how annoying it is when someone parks over the line, or just close enough to the line to make the spot worthless. Now I know everyone with a license had to pass Driver's Ed or some such, but it seems as if many people have forgotten the simple driving rules in lieu of thinking they are the only ones in the parking lot or on the road.

After some thought, it was more than obvious why the channel had decided to do an in-depth discussion on this -- and I say, it's about time!

So, without further ado, I present to you...
Skylar Kade's Rules for Not Parking Like a D-Bag!

1. If your car is double-wide (think an H2), DON'T take up a space and a half at the front of the lot. You chose the big-ass car, so you can walk the extra 40 feet from farther back.

2. If you have a nice car, congrats! I think you should be entitled to buffer spaces around it. Park diagonally in two spaces, by all means. But see Rule #1 -- don't take up two nice front slots to do it.3. Either pull through to the facing space, or don't, but going halfway is like saying you're "almost" a virgin: it didn't work in high school, and it doesn't work now.

4. If you park on the line, yes, you're still technically in your own space. But you make it awful hard for the other guy to not key... er, scrape... your car when he pulls in. If you're going to spoil the other space, either pull into the middle so as not to give the illusion of a full parking space, or stay WITHIN -- not ON -- the white lines.
And finally....

5. If you don't have a COMPACT car, don't try to squeeze into the spot. I'm not even trying for metaphors on this one because, well, its just too easy. Freud would have a field day with the men who do this. They say guys with big trucks are compensating... I think it's them.

So, did I miss any? Or should I just throw up my hands with a cest la vie about it?



Kelly Jamieson said...

Oh Skylar I am so with you on this! Love your rules and I think you're right, those guys with the huge trucks are compensating!

sherry said...

I really love your rules I can't stand when I get off work and try to get in my truck and someone has park so close to it that I can barely get in. Sometime the little devil on my shoulder tells me to not worry if I hit their car because they parked to close anyway.

Erin Nicholas said...

Oh, these people are everywhere! But I would much rather deal with this in a nice sunny place like in your pictures than here in the SNOW!! *g* Right now, parking lots here hold about 2/3 the number of cars because the lines are covered with snow and now people are just putting their cars wherever the hell they want! :)