Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Perils of Housework

Sorry about the late post, folks...between an internet connection that works 98% of the time and being a major lightweight when I comes to pain meds.

I've been nursing a pair or ribs since Sunday evening. What happened? Well, a quick and dirty answer makes for interesting conversation as I found from my Facebook post on the topic. When one posts something along the lines of "I think I broke a rib hanging over the headboard," you can expect some wild replies. But, that's basically what happened. I was leaning over the headboard when I felt something give and it hurt like hell.

Does anyone get a vision of an Austin Powers routine? Or is that just the pain meds talking?

"So, you were leaning over the headboard of your bed when you felt something give?"

"Yeah, I felt something roll underneath me and a sharp pain. It was so bad, I almost dropped the reacher."

But, truth be known, I was in the process of trying to retrieve items that had fallen behind the bed by bending over the headboard with a reacher. Yep, the innuendos just kept coming from my post even after I'd fessed up to what I had really been up to. "What items pray-tell had fallen behind the bed?"

Guess now I have an excuse. Cleaning can be dangerous.

To help me feel better, and at the expense of someone else's pain, I'm sure many of you have a story to tell of how a good intention had gone painfully wrong. Not trying to unearth some haunting memories here, just something you find yourself able to laugh about now.

I'll check back on comments in between pain med comas.

This is romance author, D. (Diane) McEntire signing off for now in search of that money tree to hire a maid. Let's watch her face the perils of housework.
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Erin Nicholas said...

LOL! Diane, I'm so sorry about your ribs but, yeah, I'm sitting here grinning. Headboards and cracked *anything* shouldn't be in the same story! *G*
Okay, I'm done snickering. Broken ribs hurt like hell.


Meg Benjamin said...

Well, let's see. There was the time I decided to rescue the young wren that had fallen out of its nest on our front porch on its first attempt to fly. Our black tom, Java, was racing in its direction and so was I, until I tripped and managed to blow out my knee. Never did find out what happened to the wren!

Diane McEntire said...

Yikes Meg!