Tuesday, March 9, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Party On the Ninth

Erin Go Braugh, y’all! Here at Nine Naughty Novelists, we’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day a bit early as part of out monthly Party On the Ninth. We’ve got books to give away and leprechauns to chase. And a few hunky Irishmen (and one Irish American) to stir your souls. So let the games begin!
Our March prize is a choice between a couple of Irish-themed books from two of the Naughty Nine: P.G. Forte’s Iron and Kelly Jamieson’s Irish Sex Fairy (love that title!). To enter, just give us a comment—tell us what you’d do with the leprechan swag or tell us your favorite Irish actor or just tell us you love us since we love to hear from you.
Our question for this month? What three things would you do or buy if a leprechaun gave you his pot of gold. And leading us off--
Erin Nicholas
With my pot of gold I’d buy
1. A beach house in the virgin islands!
2. Six months living and touring in Europe with my family
3. A shopping spree for my kids a the toy store!!
Kelly Jamieson
Leprechaun’s are great practical jokers, so I’d be worried that it’s not real gold. What do you think a pot of gold is worth these days? Would it be enough to rebuild Haiti and help the people in Chile? Probably not huh? Would it be enough for me to quit my day job and write full time? No? Then I guess I would buy shoes. Like these ones. These shoes would make me happy.

Kinsey Holley
With my pot of gold I’d
1. Buy land on a lake and build a compound for my family, my sister's family, and my BIL/SIL's families (we're all connected).
2. Quit my job to travel/write.
3. Donate to various children's aid organizations.
Skylar Kade
A huge pot of gold, huh? Well, first there'd be a fight between the angel and demon on my shoulder. The angel would win Round 1, so I'd invest a third of it... and buy something awesome with the earnings. The next would inevitably go to the devil because she's vicious when it comes to revenge. Since she's been nagging me to buy one, I'd get a new TV system -- flat panel, HDTV, DVR, and a PS3 with all the Blue-Ray movies and games she could want. And, not that I wouldn't be happy with their choices, but I'd flick them off my shoulders and pick the last purchase without their nagging and fighting. And I think a vacation to the Caribbean is in store. White sand beaches, alcoholic drinks in frilly glasses served by shirtless men, and no work. Sounds like heaven.
Meg Benjamin
With my pot of gold I’d buy
1. A cruise around the world for the hubs and me, maybe with the kids joining us for Italy (younger son lived in Florence for several months).
2. The year’s budget for the Jefferson County Library System—hey these guys keep me supplied with books, the least I can do is supply them with gold!
3. A remodeled basement so I don’t feel like I’m in the subway whenever I use the treadmill.
PG Forte
A pot of gold...that's a difficult question to answer if you don't know the size. Leprechauns are pretty small, after all. But I'm guessing even a not-too-big pot should hold about 5000 ounces. At approximately $1000 an ounce, that'd be $500,000. Enough to indulge in my favorite fantasy--a private cruise for all my favorite author/friends and their fans (okay, maybe not all their fans, but a healthy chunk). Maybe toss in a handful of cover models, while we're at it. If there's anything left over after that, I think Kelly's got the right idea with the shoes. Shoes are always good. Or, you know, getting "the works" at the Calistoga Spa Hot Springs http://calistogaspa.com/spa (mud bath, mineral bath, steam bath, blanket wrap, full body massage and 'happy feet') that would do very nicely. That would make for a very happy Saint Patrick's Day...or any day, come to think of it.
Kate Davies
With my pot of gold I’d buy
1. A housekeeper!
2. Sponsor a big meet-up for all my online friends. I would love to hang out with everyone in real life, so I'd spring for the airfare and accommodations for a fun weekend getaway.
3. A personal assistant to handle the paperwork for my day job – no, wait, pay off all the bills so I can say goodbye to my day job and write full time!
D. McEntire
Ahhh, a pot of gold. With the price of gold these days that should bring in a pretty penny. The first thing I’d do is pay off all debts. The second thing I’d do is run like hell! Long lost relatives and those who claim to have touched the ground I’ve walked during my lifetime would come out of the woodwork with their hands out. Seriously, though. The second thing I’d do is what I’ve always dreamed of doing visiting Scotland. I just love the lilt. I could sit all day and listen. Wouldn’t matter the conversation. One time a man came to my place of employment for a presentation. Couldn’t tell you even a smidgen of what he talked about. I just listened to his voice. The last thing I would like to do is move. I enjoy living in the quiet, slow pace of the country, but worry about the future. Our land is mostly clear and needs bush hogging and mowing often. Hey, guess I’d have the means to pay someone to do it, wouldn’t I? But, then again I’d like a lot of wooded land. Horseback riding, ATV riding…ah…to dream. I’ve had my dream home in my head for quite awhile. It would be a total open floor plan, except for the bed and bathrooms, of course. There would be a second floor, totally open, with a balcony around the entire floor. Sky lights and lots of light. I’d put my office on the second floor at one end and have a game room up there and sitting areas.
*sigh* Hey, where is that little man in green, anyway?

Sydney Somers

With my pot of gold I would

1. Take a trip alone with my husband, some place warm and sunny. Sadly our last trip real together I was pregnant, suffering from morning sickness and had the flu as we drove the windy Cabot trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Not a great combination. LOL

2. New clothes would be a must. Being in mommy mode most of the time usually means that the last person I buy new clothes for is myself.

3. I'd say hire a housekeeper, but I'm going to assume it's a big-ass pot of gold so my husband could quit his job. Then HE could clean the house once and a while why I write. :)


Virginia C said...

I love you! Thanks for a great post. If I won a pot of gold, I would just live and be happy! I took care of all my family members until they passed away, and I never got to get married and start my own family. I've never regretted caring for my loved ones. However, I have now hit the half-century mark and have retained my love of life. I may be 51, but in my heart I'm still 21 : ) I would enjoy my pot o' gold and still have enough to share with others.

Thank you for the beautiful picture of Steve McQueen. Before I was born, my mother met Steve, and he asked her out. She was a very pretty and personable blue-eyed blonde Southern Lady. She was too shy to go out with him!

Gerard Butler is Scottish. He is talented, funny, charming and has a big personality and a big heart.

My favorite Irish actor is the mighty fine Pierce Brosnan. I have admired Pierce since the days of "Remington Steele", which is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. Like Gerry B., Pierce is handsome, loaded with charm and talent and has a caring heart. He stood fast as his much-loved first wife lost her battle with cancer. He cared for the children, and kept the family together. Thankfully, he has a very happy second marriage and more children. He and his wife are both environmentally proactive and lend their celebrity to numerous worthy causes.

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Andrea I said...

If I had a pot of gold, I would pay off my mortgage and all my other debts, give to the various charitable organizations I support, and take a vacation to the beach.

Erin Nicholas said...

Gerard Butler is Scottish??!! He played such a fine Irish-man in P.S. I Love You! :) Oh, well. He can talk to me in that accent anytime, anyplace no matter the origin! And you all with your charitable giving of the gold... what nice people I hang out with! Okay, I'll give some away too :)
(yes, we're Irish! My sister's name is Shannon :))

host said...

My favourite Irish actor is Colin Farrell :)
And with all that gold I would:
1. buy myself a house
2. go on a trip around the world
3. donate some for cancer research

Meg Benjamin said...

Gerard Butler is Scottish? Oh my. Mea culpa,y'all.

Meandi's corner said...

wow nice hotnesses you have there. um how big is this pot of gold cause i want to travel the world but i'mnot big into hotels so I'm going to need to buy a house a every stop lol

Jenn Graham said...

Ok. If I had a pot of gold I would pay off all of my debt and then set the rest up for reading awareness, I think everybody should enjoy reading.

Gerard Butler.......sigh.....thanks for the wonderful pictures!!!

s7anna said...
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s7anna said...

I'm going with the general value of the pot of gold being around $500,000...in which case the very first thing I would do is pay off my Mum & my debts. I would take my Mum & myself on a shopping trip to London & Toronto...stay at a nice hotel and just be pampered. I would set aside a good hunk of it in a high interest savings account and live off of that...so that I could pursue my other interests and not have an EDJ.

Maria said...

Wow...if I got a big pot of gold I would pay off my debts and then I would take time off from work to work on me...I would get a personal trainer and loose a bunchy of weight and get healthier..any left overs would be invested so I can buy more books later

Maria said...
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flchen1 said...

With a pot of gold, I'd give half away (there are SO many people/causes that could use support) and spend some on family (ideally for fun stuff!) and splurge on remodeling the house to include a home library :D

And ooh, thanks for the eyecandy :) Happy early St. Patrick's Day!

mamasand2 said...

Intersting question!!! After recovering from fainting at the news, I would make everyone who knew swear to keep it a secret. Then I would start with the following things

1. Bank 1/2 or more of it. I have no idea what the value of the gold would be.

2. Help out some family and friends who are struggling because of the bad economy.

3.Take a vacation or 3 (with family) starting with Australia.


PG Forte said...

Wow, I'm with Erin what nice, charitable, creative, sensible people y'all are!

Investments? Really?

You're all invited on my fantasy cruise. :D

CrystalGB said...

If I won a pot of gold, I would pay off all my bills,upgrade to a better home and cars and give money to my family to help them with their bills.
Liam Neeson is my favorite Irish actor.

Willa said...

With my pot of gold I would love to buy a little independent bookstore/Used bookstore in some sleepy New England town. Nothing huge or crazy but something that would allow me to carry all my favorite authors books, and supply myself with as much free reading material as I could ever use.

After that I think a European vacations sounds great, if I still had the gold.

Kelly Jamieson said...

I was way too conservative with the shoes (although they are Jimmy Choos). Thanks for all the comments everyone!

Kinsey Holley said...

Aren't these awesome pics? Collin Farrell is one hot lil Irishman.

I do wish Liam Neeson hadn't messed with his face. The result is not good. Look at Jeff Bridges - he just turned 60 and I think he's still plenty hot. So's Pierce Brosnan, for that matter. That man just gets more handsome with age.

Karin said...

What's not to love about you? I have to say that Colin Firth tops my list of favorite Irish actors, though Liam Neeson is also a favorite.

What would I do with a leprechaun's treasure? Take a yearly trip to Ireland. I have been and I love it there. I can't wait to go back.

Nancy G said...

I would pay off my debts (and those of my kids) buy a house, take atrip to Ireland, where my ancestors are from, and spend time listing to my favorite music group- Celtic Thunder!!

Rayna's Everything blog said...

I would pay off my debts then pay off the car of a random person, and then if there was any left over I would sponsor start a scholarship for aspiring female engineers.

Anonymous said...

1.Pay bills.
2.Buy land and build a home.
3.Furnish the home.

annalisa said...

If I won a pot of gold, I'd figure out how much taxes I'd have to pay, then bank some of it, pay off our debts and then help out our kids and other family members.

Great pics! :)

Milinda said...

Hmmm. A pot of gold would be fun. When I planned on winning the lotto, I came with a complete business plan. Now, I'm too lazy. I'd love to buy a spot of land & build a nice house--after paying off all of the bills. I'm the poor one in the family so I'd love the opportunity to pay back everyone who has helped me out over the years. A housekeeper sounds lovely.

Irish actors? Isn't Aidan Quinn Irish? Hmmm. Aidan & Liam has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Rhonda said...

I would pay off all bills, get new vehicles since ours are all older, take a nice long vacation, help out family and save the rest.

Babyblue22 said...

I'd pay off some debt and then take care of my families needs....maybe if I have a lil left I'll rent out a private tropical island and treat book Vin Diesel for the weekend ;-)

As for Irishmen I love Jonathan Rhys Meyers!!

Thanks for a great post!

Cathy M said...

My pot of gold would go toward paying off our debts, then paying off my kid's college loans, then treating my family to a 3 month vacation in Europe.

Beth said...

First thing I would do is put enough into an account to pay for my daughter to go to the college of her choice(after the baby is born).
Second, would be to have a house built on the empty lot that I own, so she would have her own house but still be nearby.
Third, would have to be open my dream store. I'd love to be able to own a store in my town that sold books on one side, had a small cafe in the middle and a craft store on the other side.
If I could pick more I'd get a new car and solar power on my house, but the three I started with are the most important to me right now.

Gabby said...

Let's see with my pot of gold I'd.

1. Buy a nice house, either a large victorian or a slightly modernized log cabin for me,my mom, and my brother to live in, because our current living conditions suck, gotta make sure it has a nice big library,and a large yard.

2. Either buy a new car for my mom, or give her the money to fix our old one.

3. ok tough one here, um I might take a trip to one of my favorite places like Paris or Scotland!

Zina Lynch said...

What would I buy?
#1 4 Houses...mine, my parents and my MIL's then this place called Serrenity outside of Tahoe on the Neveda side as a writer's retreat for all my writer friends.

#2 a new car or three

#3 A lifetime of housekeepers