Friday, March 5, 2010

True love and flossing

I watched the Marriage Ref last night. It’s a new TV show on NBC. Anybody else see it? It definitely had some moments.

The premise is a couple who has a conflict comes to the Marriage Ref and presents their opposing sides. For instance, in one case the wife wanted to keep the formal dining room formal. She kept the tablecloth, china, silver, etc. set up in place year round. They only used the table at Thanksgiving. The husband wanted to use the table to play cards with his friends. She had a fit. So the “expert panel” (three celebrities—this week was Tina Fey, Eva Longoria Parker and Jerry Seinfeld, but apparently they change each week) discuss the issue, crack jokes and then vote for who should win the argument.

Okay, you didn’t all tune in here today to get a TV Guide version of my night (I watched The Office too in case you were wondering). But there was an interesting topic brought up. In this case, the wife liked to floss her teeth in bed and it grossed her husband out. He maintained that there should simply be some things that are always done in private. She argued that if you are close to someone (she even used the term soul mates) then you should share everything and nothing should gross you out.

Um, I vehemently disagree.

Love the husband. Don’t love watching him, say, spit toothpaste. I am on the side of the “let’s shut the door between us once in awhile” here. I don’t have to share every little thing with him.

I do not want to cuddle on the couch and watch his entire collection of The Shield, don’t want to jam out to The Best of Metallica, don’t want a big hug after he gets off the treadmill, and don’t want to see him clip his toenails. It goes both ways. I don’t want him to see me tweeze my eyebrows, do sit ups or watch me try on clothes.

We’re very happy. We’re just sometimes happy apart.

Which side are you on? Do you share absolutely everything? Does true love mean it’s okay to floss in bed?


Meg Benjamin said...

Flossing in bed? Sorry, can't get beyond that (and now I'm stuck with this really disturbing mental image!).

Erin Nicholas said...

*g* I know, sorry Meg! They even showed her doing it on tv last night so my mental image is very clear! :)

Kelly Jamieson said...

Go in the bathroom and shut the door! Flossing? Seriously? We've been married a long time and he knows I wax, shave, depilate, floss and pluck chin hairs, but I don't want him seeing it! On the other hand, watching him shave is oddly sexy...but other things - no!

PG Forte said...

Shaving is sexy. It's like stripping. lol! The rest...not so much.

I wouldn't mind if my husband walked in on me doing any of the above. I wouldn't bat an eye if I walked in on him, either. Staying to watch--that's just weird. Except for the shaving, of course. *g* And flossing in bed? No. There's not much I wouldn't do in bed, but that definitely makes the short list.

My grandmother was an operating room nurse who kept photos of some of the more interesting operations in the family photo album. She lived with us while I was growing up. Perhaps that might account for my more um...relaxed attitude about these things?

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL I wanted to watch that and forgot to DVR it! Darn! (Not even sort of a fan of the Office, but with Cyndi Lauper - wanted to see that too.) I'm so envious, missy!

Okay, for me the question isn't so much as when we shut the door (almost never), but where a person does certain things. Hello, flossing in bed? NO! Clipping toenails, flossing, brushing teeth, washing your nasal passages (no I don't, but people do you know) should all happen in the bathroom. Hubcap kisses me whenever, wherever and I've never been able to break him of the habit. Finally decided a few years ago not to try. Much rather he drop an absent kiss on me as he walks by after his shower while I'm tinkling than have him forget to kiss me when he leaves the house. :)

I'm going to have TV envy all week because of you, you know that right? to edit...without my programs DVRed for when I'm done...whine...whine...whine... LOL

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