Friday, March 26, 2010


Some things I would never do:
1. Sky dive.
2. Eat a live bug.
3. Let spiders crawl on me on purpose.
4. Give up chocolate.
5. Have sex in public.

So you might now be wondering what brought this up? The radio talk show I listen to in the mornings. Maybe this is only new to me. I do live in Iowa, after all. I love it, of course, but we are not always on the front line of cool new trends. So, I’m willing to entertain the idea that this is old news to the rest of you. But they were talking about tattoos, piercings, etc. Including tattoos and piercings on more intimate and sensitive body parts. Yep, you guessed it, including the most sensitive of all girl parts. Then, they read a story about how the newest trend is to put little gems there. Right, down there. They said it was like bedazzling t-shirts (yeah, I’m not sure it’s exactly like that for obvious reasons)! And surprisingly it took very little Googling to find out that it’s called Vajazzling and yes, ladies, you can get do-it-at-home kits if you don’t want to go to the swanky spas

The point is, this is very, very, very likely going on my ‘never would do’ list. BUT, would I have one of my heroines do this? Hmm… that’s a pretty probably maybe. That’s the fun. They are their own people, not mini-mes and I have them do all kinds of things I wouldn’t, don’t, or can’t do.

For instance, Jaden in No Matter What is an avid runner. Not. Me.
Jaden also married a millionaire. Ahem. Not me either. (love you, honey!)
Jaden threw a stapler at her boss when he ticked her off. Wanted do, but haven’t.
Then there’s Jessica in Just Right. Jessica can shoot pool with the best. Definitely not me. Jessica also has hot sex in a store dressing room. Hmm… can’t say I’ve ever…

Anyway, the point is, that’s what great fiction is all about--- living for awhile in another world, doing some wild and crazy things or some amazingly heroic things or some super, horrible scary things through someone else’s eyes, life and experiences.

So, I think I’ll leave the Vajazzling in the books. How about you? What’s something that you love to read about but would never do? (sex on the back of a camel, for instance… Cherry Adair anyone?) How about the Vajazzling thing?! Come on, 'fess up!

Oh, and just for those of you who are curious… (and you know you are!)


Meg Benjamin said...

Okay, aside from all the other possible comments re: vajazzing, there's the, shall we say, "itch factor." To say nothing of the--"doesn't this show through lightweight fabrics and what the hell will they think you're wearing" factor and... Well, I could go on. All I can say is, I guarantee a guy thought of this.

Gabby said...

It was probably definitely a guy who thought of this, how many women do you know who would sit still for that?

Anyway probably one I wouldn't do is?

Bungy jump, it's not that I'm afraid heights I just don't think I could do it without someone brave beside me, or do it without a cute instructor.

marcy said...

I wouldn't do any of those either-particularly sex in public, on a camel, etc.!

Kelly Jamieson said...

'Kay I once had sex in public...but that's a story for another day. Vajazzling- um yeah, one of those things that sounds really cool, and yeah Erin, one of my heroines might do it! But IRL - not so much. I'm sure it's very pretty though!

PG Forte said...

Why's everyone always picking on spiders for? I love spiders. Charlotte's Web people--watershed moment here.

I can't say I'm fond of skydiving either. Falling out of a plane = bad idea. Falling out of a plane ON PURPOSE? Think I'll pass. And, OMG, bungee jumping? Falling and bouncing and falling and bouncing and falling AGAIN? Hell to the no.

Vajazzling...doesn't do it for me, but women glue stuff on all the time. Eyelashes. Nails. It's all too high maintenance for me though, that's for sure. Still, I think it's better than some of the things women do to themselves. Check it out here:

But getting back to you r original list, define "in public"? :)