Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guest Blogger Dita Parker - Motherhood, Or Executive Leadership Training Guerrilla Style

Anybody else ready for school to start already? Counting the days, I must confess. My babies aren't babies anymore but neither are they self-sufficient yet, and with Hubby working the oddest of hours, my summers are part fun and part when-oh-when-will-life-resume-normal-programming.

I'm grateful for my cubs. They're healthy, smart and funny. When they're not being cheeky, quarrelsome and unruly. I adore them, when I'm not counting to ten and contemplating selling them to the highest bidder. Not in a million years or for a gazillion dollars, but if you're a terrible twos survivor, you know what I mean. Besides, those moments are just unattended needs and conflicting interests and timetables talking, or trying to, while I hold my tongue, count to ten and wait for the tantrum to pass, theirs, mine... It's best not to keep score.

I try to remember that what I strive to teach my children pales in comparison to what they've taught me over the years. I've learned how to be more organized, how to better prioritize, motivate, support and encourage. I've had plenty of opportunities to develop my problem solving and conflict resolution skills, to say nothing of self-control and stress management. Their very distinct personalities and temperaments have made me more sensitive and given me a chance to improve my communication skills.

Patience, commitment, self-awareness, being proactive and empathetic... I could go on and on. Of course you don't have to have children to gain these skills, or set your sights on managerial positions to make use of them, but everything my kids have taught me have not only made me a better parent, they've made me a better writer.

Now, if I could only conjure some more hours to my day or learn to function without sleep, and get over the feeling I'm way too often present yet absent, my mind on a WIP even when there's not a notebook, keyboard or moment's peace in sight... No skills required to make those wishes come true, only magic.


Skylar Kade said...

Thanks for guest blogging, Dita--great post! I'm with you on the desire for magic: longer day, more sleep, please!

Meg Benjamin said...

Welcome Dita! It's been awhile since my boys were school age, but I remember that half-guilty rush of relief when they headed off for another year. Followed by the groan when they brought home all the paperwork.

Dita Parker said...

Thanks, and my pleasure!

It's evening down here. Everyone's in bed, I've laid the mommy hat to rest and dug out the writer raiment.

How can one be tired and roaring to go at the same time, I have no idea.

Kelly Jamieson said...

Hi Dita and welcome to the Naughty Nine! That's such a great post, I totally relate to the push/pull intense emotions of motherhood, the guilt that no matter what you're doing you should be doing something else! Thanks for reminding us why it's all worth while.

Erin Nicholas said...

Welcome Dita! I've often said that my kids have taught me far more than I've taught them! And I've realized that mom's always feel guilty no matter what they're doing! (I'm still working on actually being okay with that *g*)
Thanks for the great post!