Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday 13 ~ New Genre-blenders I'd Like to Try

It's no secret I like to mix things up, or that when it comes to cross combining sub-genres my usual philosophy is, more is more.

But you can blame this post on Kelly, Meg and Juniper who just had to play, what if...
They got me thinking, you know? And that's always a little bit dangerous.

So here, in no particular order, is a list of thirteen new cross-genre romances I'd maybe like to try:

# 1.   Amish Shapeshifter How will the peaceful Amish react to the werewolf in their midst?  Or is the shifter one of the sheep?

# 2.  Amish Shapeshifter Ménage Similar to the above, only with several sheep shifters. 

# 3.  Western Vampire Inspirational  In which Tex, the preacher’s son turned vampire lawman, finds salvation when he falls for Maggie Mae, the poor-but-virtuous widow woman-slash-school marm.

# 4.  Steampunk BDSM Romance Oh, c'mon, who hasn’t looked at some of that Steampunk gadgetry and thought, “Gee, what I could do with that in the bedroom.”

# 5.  Erotic Steampunk Zombie Romance Okay, I’ll admit it, zombie romances might be a tad hard to stomach. But if anyone could get them to hold things together long enough to get the job done, it’s the Steampunk science geeks. 


# 6. Post-apocalyptic Cowboy Time-travel Romance A classic tale wherein “Cowboy” replaces “Connecticut Yankee” and “Mad Max” replaces “King Arthur”

 # 7.  Voluptuous Angels & Demons BDSM Romance Who doesn’t love fluffy angels? Who doesn’t occasionally want to see them get tied up?

# 8.  Historic Paranormal Erotic Romance Oh, wait. I already did something like that, didn’t I?

# 9.  Historic Sci-fi Rom-com Suspense Jane Austin does MacGyver

#10.  Sweet Post-apocalyptic Holiday Fantasy Romance What? It’s nothing more than your basic sci-fi version of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

#11.  Erotic Fairytale Fetish The real reason everyone in Oz was after Dorothy's slippers. 
#12.  Amish Chick-lit Romantic Suspense Think "Sex in the City" meets "The Witness".

#13.  LGBT Military Ménage When one man in uniform is simply not enough.


Meg Benjamin said...

Wiping tears from my eyes. "Sheep shifter"? Oh why not, although the advantages of being the sheep rather than the wolf are a little hard to fathom!

Kelly Jamieson said...

ROFL!! OMG these are hilarious. Except there goes my Amish menage story. However...I'm particularly intrigued by Angels and Demons BDSM...

Skylar Kade said...

LMAO, PG! And I think I just bred plot bunnies. Dunno if that's a good thing or not, lol.

Kate Davies said...

Looking forward to reading all of these! :)