Monday, August 2, 2010

A Taste of New Brunswick

Since I always love learning about where other authors are from, and since it's my provincial holiday, I thought I'd blog about a few cool facts about my little corner of the world.

First off, I live in the province of New Brunswick located on Canada's east coast between Quebec and Nova Scotia.

Now on to a few cool facts about New Brunswick:

Saint John, New Brunswick (where I was born) is Canada's oldest incorporated city.

New Brunswick's Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world. In some areas a boat can by tied to wharf and a few hours later sitting on the ocean floor.

Hartland, New Brunswick has the longest covered bridge in the world, measuring 1282 feet long.

Saint John, New Brunswick boasts the world famous reversing falls. Now before you get too excited, it's not a waterfall that runs in reverse. :) And you would not believe how many tourists come into the city expecting something just like that. What happens is that the the Saint John river empties into the Bay of Fundy, but when the tides are high, it forces the river to turn and run upstream, which happens twice a day.

This is the same river (though I don't live near the Bay) that has twice flooded enough to turn my backyard into a lake.

Now your turn. Share a cool fact about your little corner of the world. :)


Kelly Jamieson said...

Beautiful pictures Sydney!! I so want to visit the east coast some day.

My fun fact: I live in the Slurpee Capital of Canada. :-)

Juniper Bell said...

New Brunswick looks so gorgeous! Can I come visit? LOL. Okay, my fun fact: Where I live in Alaska, we have the second biggest tide in the world. And when the tide comes into Cook Inlet, it creates a standing wave called a bore tide that some daredevils try to surf.

Thanks for sharing those wonderful pix!


dogon-hunters said...

Cool website. Thanks for the virtual visit to Canada's east coast. As a native Michiganer, you left out that the nicest people in the world are Canadians.

Meg Benjamin said...

Gorgeous pics, Syd. My fun fact? Nederland, just up the pike from Boulder (and thus from us), has the Frozen Dead Guy Festival every winter to celebrate a local who had himself cryogenically preserved. Sort of.